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If you are seeking the perfect vacation filled with adventure, chic cities, great beaches, cultural surprises, and stellar food, then look no further than Australia and New Zealand. These countries have unique and diverse terrains, coastlines, and urban settings that will have you jetting from place to place to experience it all before you travel home. International travelers flock to both of these countries for stunning natural parks, epic beaches, and striking mountains. There are endless attractions and world class restaurants that will delight you as you revel in each destination. So, book an affordable business class flight aboard top airlines to visit these extraordinary countries.

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Travel Guide for Australia & New Zealand

Australia is known for its major cities, and as soon as your flights land, your travel adventure begins. Sydney, New South Wales has museums to tour, culture, a lovely harbour, sophisticated restaurants, major events, and amazing shopping. Melbourne, Victoria is a bit more bohemian and laid-back with great bars and live music. Cairns, Queensland has picturesque beaches, world-class surfing, and lots of activities on the water. Not to be outdone, a trip to New Zealand will have you planning your return as soon as you arrive. Auckland is the business hub of the country with harbor views, memory making day trips, and excellent restaurants, not to mention impressive urban beaches. Queenstown is charming and gorgeous, and an epicenter for outdoor experiences and tours of all kinds. Book cheap flights with your airline of choice with the help of our flight gurus.

Facts About Australia & New Zealand

  • Australian population: 23 million | NZ population: 4.5 million
  • NZ is best known for Lord of the Rings, national parks, great beaches, beautiful mountains, Maori culture, lovely islands, wine, and lamb.
  • Australia is best known for The Outback, scuba diving, Sydney Opera House, glamping, beaches, surfing, fashion, great food, world class restaurants, wine exports, and barbeque.
  • Australian Currency: Australian Dollar (AU$) | NZ Currency: NZ Dollar ($NZD)
  • Travel tip: When dining out in these countries, gratuity is often included, but in high-end restaurants an extra tip is encouraged. Often, you will need to pay your bill at the bar or host stand as you will not be typically presented with a bill at the table.

Languages in Australia & New Zealand

English is the primary language spoken in both Australia and New Zealand. However, it is a good idea to have a little handle on the slang before your flight lands and you visit the attractions. In New Zealand, “sweet as” and “choice” mean something is pretty cool. If someone says, “Yeah, nah, mate,” that means, “Sorry, my friend.” “Ta” or “cheers” is a simple thank you. In Australia, of course “barbie” means barbeque. “Good arvo” is a greeting meaning good afternoon. Also, don’t be offended if adjectives to describe something include the word “bloody” because it means “very.” Interested in learning more? Book air travel to Sydney, Melbourne, Queenstown, and Auckland, to immerse yourself in the local culture.

Top Attractions in Australia & New Zealand

Given the size and endless entertainment and adventure options, it is tough to narrow down an itinerary that can be accomplished in just one trip. However, there are a few iconic experiences that should not be ignored by travel enthusiasts. Typically, most visitors begin their holiday in major Australian cities, and then make their way to more remote destinations before boarding a flight to NZ. Once you have landed in Auckland, which is the “City of Sails,” you will want to stay in a hotel in the CBD near the harbor to be in the midst of all the action. After you have had your fill of cute neighborhoods, designer boutiques, and beaches just minutes from the city, plan some day trips or rent a car and head north or south. Majestic cliffs, geothermal attractions, beautiful mountains, Maori culture, friendly locals, and lots of international travelers will make this leg of your holiday remarkable.

  • Waiheke Island – Travel on the 30-minute ferry ride from Auckland’s CBD to gorgeous Waiheke Island. On this little slice of paradise, you can tour wine fields and dine at delicious local restaurants. Plus, relax on the beach, and watch the sailboats cruise the pristine waters.
  • Museum of NZ Te Papa Tongarewa – Tour these galleries in Wellington. This is where you can learn more about Maori culture and the history of this fascinating country.
  • Fjordland National Park – After your flights arrive down under, plan a day trip from Queenstown to tour the Fjordland National Park. It is one of the most wondrous attractions on the island.
  • Hobbiton -Lovers of the Lord of the Rings book flights to visit Hobbiton on the South Island. This is where the trilogy was filmed. Fly to NZ on international flights from the USA, Canada, South Africa, South America, or South Australia.
  • Sydney Opera House -When you picture this popular Australian city, of course you think of its iconic Opera House. Daily tours with knowledgeable guides will help you learn all about this national treasure.
  • Hunter Region – Visit the Hunter Region where you can taste fine wines at the many vineyards, or take a hot air balloon flights for a bird’s eye view of the stunning Australian scenery.
  • Great Barrier Reef – Divers from all over the world fly down under via major airlines to visit the Great Barrier Reef. It is an amazingly pristine underwater ecosystem like nowhere else in the world.

Best Times to Visit Australia & New Zealand

Seasons in Australia and NZ are the opposite of the Northern hemisphere. Summer is December through February, autumn is March through May, winter is June through August, and spring is September through November. The best flight deals and cheap tickets pop up during the off-peak winter season. Weather can vary vastly according to your destination. So, do a little research before you pack for your visit to Australia and NZ.

Weather in Australia & New Zealand

  • Weather in both of these countries varies greatly. It depends on the time of year and areas that you plan to visit.
  • It is best to look at your itinerary with all the activities and attractions of interest. Then, research the anticipated temperatures, and create a packing strategy.
  • Summers are warm in almost every part of Australia and NZ. So, they make great winter getaways from the USA.

Australia & New Zealand Tour Options

  • Take a river cruise day trip from Sydney to view Australia’s beautiful Blue Mountains and other natural wonders.
  • Experience the Yarra Valley via a wine and food tour departing from Melbourne, Victoria. It includes a lovely lunch and return travel to the city.
  • Book an outback expedition. It often comes with luxury vehicles and a glamping-type accommodation. So, you can travel in swanky outdoor comfort.
  • Take one of the many food and wine tours that teach you about a specific area of NZ or the entire country of NZ.
  • Book a spot on a sailboat charter that will take you on a cruise to see remote islands and amazing sea and wildlife.
  • Once you arrive at the South Island of NZ, arrange for a tour guide to show you the attractions, especially if you are short on time. Often, these excursions include meals and transportation.
  • Check out one of the many NZ bicycle tour operators that will help you pedal your way through the island, seeing the attractions up close from the road.

Transportation in Australia & New Zealand

  • If you are in a major city like Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, or Queenstown, forgo the rental car while you are in these urban areas. Instead, visit a rental company in the CBD when you are ready to depart the city to save money on parking and valet.
  • Public transport in major cities is usually reliable and affordable. If you are visiting rural areas, then sign up for a tour or rent a vehicle to travel around.
  • A big trend in New Zealand and Australia right now is renting luxury RV’s. This is a cheap alternative to a hotel.

Australia & New Zealand Travel Safety Tips

  • In both Australia and NZ, you will be driving on the opposite side of the road as the United States. So, travel with care if you go the car rental route.
  • There are poisonous spiders in Australia, so if you are bitten and concerned, seek medical attention immediately.
  • A big trend in Australia and NZ right now is renting luxury RV’s. This is a cheap alternative to a hotel.
  • Purchase travel insurance before your flights because medical care is expensive, in case of an emergency.
  • The sun in NZ is harsh because of the lack of ozone layer over the country. For this reason, always apply sunscreen. Wear both sunglasses and a hat, especially for outdoor activities in nature, like an island cruise, hot air balloon flight, or a beach visit.
  • A big trend in Australia and NZ right now is renting luxury RV’s. This is a cheap alternative to a hotel.
  • Always notify someone (even hotel staff) if you are planning a rural, rugged, or difficult hike or dive, and when you plan to return.

Australia & New Zealand Airport Tips

  • The most popular airports in Australia are Sydney (SYD), Cairns (CNS), Melbourne (MEL), Brisbane (BNE), and Perth (PER).
  • The most popular airports in NZ are Auckland (AKL), Wellington (WLG), and Queenstown (ZQN). The main airline is Air New Zealand.
  • If you take flights from the United States, the flights are rather long. So, get as much rest as you can, and take advantage of shower services during your layover.
  • Both countries crackdown on any organic matter or food being brought into the country via commercial flights. So, throw away any fruit or vegetables, and declare everything else before customs.
  • If you are arriving in a major city, take advantage of shared shuttles. These deals will save you money as opposed to expensive taxi fares.

Best Restaurants in Australia & New Zealand

Australia and NZ both boast amazing places to eat, no matter how much you want to spend. Be sure to indulge in the local ingredients that shine on the plate, such as seafood, beef, and lamb. Both countries are known for their regional wines, such as pinot grigio in NZ and syrah in Australia, so order up a bottle or two. Pack your appetite and your foodie sensibilities, and prepare to eat your way through an awesome holiday. Book your flights aboard top airlines today!

Fine Dining in Australia

  • Baduzzi, Auckland – This restaurant is tucked away in a little spot on the North Wharf, and it couldn’t be any cuter. Here the meatball is the hero of the day, and it is why the restaurant initially gained rave reviews. This lovely little Italian powerhouse has multi-course offerings, a great wine list, and desserts that dazzle.
  • Logan Brown Restaurant and Bar, Wellington – This eatery has gotten Wellington’s restaurant scene buzzing by serving game, seafood, and beef with skill and flair. Make sure to try the NZ cheese selections, which will give world travelers a taste of one of the things this little country does best.
  • Sepia, Sydney – This restaurant is consistently rated as one of the best in the world. So, the price per plate is well worth the splurge. The menu is constantly changing and evolving according to the chef’s whims, innovations, and his current favorite ingredients. The menu is laid out via multi-course options that are charged per person. There is a lounge if you are unable to secure a coveted table in the restaurant.
  • Cutler & Co., Melbourne– It is self-described as modern fine dining, and the critics unanimously agree that they are serving up exceptional food. It is located in an old metal works factory with an open floor plan that really works as it is softened by lovely colors and touches of nature. Instead of offering a laundry list of a la carte options, they focus on nailing four or so beautiful selections for each course, featuring fish, beef, chicken, and vegetables.
  • Walnut Restaurant and Lounge Bar, Brisbane – This place is a little more old school in its décor with heavy wood, crystal chandeliers, and glass-top tables. The service is fantastic, and the wine list a nod to Australia’s best. The menu has traditional and well-done selections, such as lamb, steaks, and scallops, as well as the customary sides and starters.
  • Vanitas, Gold Coast – Bookings are essential at this gorgeous windowed restaurant where the jet setters of the Gold Coast line up to dine. The plates are elegant, and they are served in three, six, and nine courses. Given the complexity and precision of the dishes, the prices are quite reasonable, and the wine list well-executed.

Mid-Range Restaurants in Australia

  • The Store, Auckland – Britomart is one of the coolest parts of the city, brimming with beautiful people. The Store offers outdoor seating and a diverse menu of salads, sandwiches, mains, and much more. It’s the perfect place to people watch.
  • Florditas, Wellington – Cuba Street is one of the city’s must-see attractions, and Florditas is the ideal place to recharge after wandering the area during your visit. They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even brunch, plus coffee and wines. The chefs cook up everything from egg dishes, to sirloin, so there is something for everyone.
  • Barnacle Bills, Cairns – Kitsch is part of the fun at Barnacle Bills, and outdoor seating means you can soak up the sun. Of course they have seafood, but the kids will love the pizza and pasta options, if they are picky eaters.

Cheap Eats in Australia

  • Hog Heaven, Auckland – Hog Heaven, located in charming Parnell near the CBD, is a true taste of New Orleans in New Zealand. Prices are downright cheap, and the menu stars include pulled pork sandwiches, gumbo, corn bread, and ribs. Plus, the owner and his lovely wife are usually on hand for a bit of banter.
  • Fergburger, Queenstown – When you are ready to quench your appetite after a full day of conquering the outdoors, there is nothing better than a great burger. Fergburger has a hilariously delicious menu that locals and international visitors adore. Don’t forget to order the crumpled calamari and onion rings to round out your meal.
  • Sea Bay, Sydney – Besides the food, the best feature of this cheap find is the BYO beer and wine policy, which will save you serious money. The fried dumplings are awesome, and this is a great setting if you are dining with a group.
  • Paperboy Kitchen, Melbourne – For super Vietnamese on a budget, you can’t beat Paperboy Kitchen. Here you can order up crispy fried chicken, BBQ pork, and panko breaded fish for next to nothing.

Best Luxury Hotels in Australia & New Zealand

Australia and NZ always amaze and impress when it comes to their range of hotels and resorts that have something for everyone. Whether you want to stay in rustic chic hotels or elaborate luxury hotels, you will surely find what you are looking for after your flights. Your expectations will be exceeded. What makes these countries so fabulous with regard to hotel accommodations is the friendly owners, affable staff, and a non-pretentious vibe, even if you are staying at the most posh property.

  • Blanket Bay, Queenstown – This hotel is just a short drive to Queenstown, and brands itself as a true alpine experience. Its accommodations are truly high-end, and the hotel will help you book activities like fly fishing, heli-skiing, horseback riding, and much more!
  • The Farm at Hawke’s Bay, North Island – Located on the coast just hours from Auckland, the views here are breathtaking. The hotel is luxurious with rustic décor, and the staff will spoil you.
  • Sofitel Auckland Viaduct Harbour – From your lovely room, you will have views of luxurious yachts and the harbour, which is always humming with activity. Centrally located, you are just a short walk from the chic shops at Britomart and the city’s best restaurants.
  • The Park Hyatt Sydney – This five-star hotel has amazing views of the harbor, and the Sydney Opera House. The hotel has a lovely high tea and a great bar. You can’t go wrong booking here.
  • The Langham Melbourne – This elegant hotel has views of the city’s skyline and impeccable service from the staff. Families will love the pools, fitness center, and central location.
  • Qualia Resort, Hamilton Island – This resort gets you close to the world-famous Great Barrier Reef where you can scuba dive among a kaleidoscope of sea life. Exceedingly romantic, this hotel is perfect for a first (or second) honeymoon.

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