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Amman is a city of magnificent contrast between the ancient and the modern worlds. Why not book a flight to Amman this year? Here you’ll find fascinating ancient ruins and a progressive metropolis built over seven hills. While most tourists travel to Amman to wander through Petra, get soaked in the Dead Sea, or go diving in Aqaba’s pristine waters, this underrated city also has tons of unmissable travel experiences, culinary gems, and cultural scenes for you to discover. Some airlines offer better prices or services on flights to Jordan, so contact your travel guru to help you find the best flights to Amman.

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Amman Citadel

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Amman Roman Theater

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Dead Sea

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Amman Jerash

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Facts About Amman

  • Amman is the largest city and the capital of Jordan.
  • The city has an estimated population of four million.
  • Royal Jordanian Airlines is the flag carrier airline of Jordan serving Amman Queen Alia.
  • Ammonites, or the tribe of Ammon, gave Amman its name.
  • JOD or Jordanian Dinar is the currency in Amman. Queen Alia International Airport has money exchange offices in both arrival and departure areas.
  • Petra, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, is only a three-hour trip from Amman.
  • Amman is home to the lowest place on Earth known as the Dead Sea.
  • The Dead Sea is not a sea but a lake – the world’s deepest and saltiest.

Top Attractions in Amman

Amman is one the greatest lesser-known Middle Eastern travel destinations. Take a cultural, archaeological, and historical adventure when you visit Amman’s best-known sights and attractions. Contact your flight guru to search for cheap flights to Amman Queen Alia now and discover the city’s best-kept secrets. The following should be on your itinerary when you travel to Amman.

  • Amman Citadel – From the airport, go directly to the ancient citadel in Jebel al-Qala, the highest hill in the city, for a panoramic view of Amman downtown and the rest of the capital. Marvel at well-preserved historical ruins of the Temple of Hercules, Umayyad Palace, and more sights.
  • Roman Theater –Most international travelers are surprised to find a roman theater in Amman. This incredibly photogenic landmark features remnants of the Roman empire influence in Amman. If you visit around July or August, you might find production shows being staged here. With a capacity of 6000 seats, you can certainly find a place to sit and a perfect vantage point to shoot photos.
  • Dead Sea –If you are staying in Amman for a few days, a trip to the Dead Sea is a must. How can you miss walking below sea level? When you try to swim, you will just float on the Dead Sea’s buoyant water because of its high concentration of salt and minerals. Mineral deposits make the mud around the lake rich in nutrients, which visitors lather on their skin for their healing effects.
  • Jerash-About 2000 years ago, Gerasa or Jerash was an illustrious Greco-Roman settlement. The eye-catching remains of the temple of Artemis, Hadrian’s Arch, and Forum’s oval colonnade vie for your attention and can keep you busy for hours. Kids and adults also love the artifacts displayed inside its Archaeological Museum. Visitors can take some rest and refreshments in a cafeteria within the site.
  • Petra-Petra remains as the top tourist magnet of Jordan for a litany of reasons. Many explorers are willing to overlook the 3-hour drive from Amman to witness the lost (and rediscovered) ancient city up close. Most come for Petra’s remarkable history, majestic rock-carved architecture, and spectacular scenery. Many travelers from London, Tokyo, New York and other modern cities book flights to Amman Queen Alia to have a once-in-a-lifetime journey through Petra.

Best Times to Visit Amman

April is the most popular month to travel to Amman because of the temperate weather with an average temperature is 73℉ and the wildflowers starting to bloom. March, May, September, October, and November are also a perfect time to visit Amman’s popular sights and attractions because the days are bearably warm, and the nights are cool. March might bring some rain in the city, but the Dead Sea or the Aqaba is reassuringly balmy during this month. While it is scorchingly hot from June to August, some tourists take advantage of off-season flight fares, and book cheap plane tickets and hotels to Amman during these months.

Weather in Amman

  • Spring –Spring is an ideal time to travel to Amman. In April, the temperature averages in the low 70s. March and May have similar temperatures.
  • Summer –Amman has a hot and dry summer. If you can bear the sweltering temperature in the summer, it is worth considering a flight to Amman during the rainless months of June, July, and August. Temperatures can exceed 100°F during the summer season, making it the low travel season.
  • Autumn – Fall weather in Amman is similar to that of the spring season. Book cheap flights to Amman during the fall for a pleasant visit to Jordan weather-wise.
  • Winter –Amman has a short period of winter with intense winds and some snow. December tends to be Jordan’s wettest month, so be prepared for rain if you travel to Amman at the end of the year. January is the coldest month in Amman with an average daytime temperature of 45°F.


Amman Tour Options

  • Amman City Tour -Tours around the city of Amman may take a full or a half day. Depending on the time you have, you can choose to linger in the Citadel, the Roman Theatre, or the downtown area. It’s best to hire a private car with a driver who can double as your tour guide. Most Jordanian guides will be happy to show you around and share amazing stories and factoids about every tourist spot you visit. Start early to make the most of this trip.
  • Christian Pilgrimage Tour–This tour may appeal to any Amman visitor, Christian pilgrims or not. Gain insights into the birth of Christianity as you pass by the the Jordan River, Bethany beyond Jordan (the actual baptism site of Jesus), and the fence that marks the boundary between Israel and Jordan. Head to Mt. Nebo and then the Dead Sea to cap off the day.
  • Wadi Rum in a 4×4– Love the thrill of a desert safari? Desert rangers, thrill seekers, and sun worshippers will find this 4WD tour across Wadi Rum both educational and exhilarating! The trip also presents great opportunities for rock climbing if you are into that kind of sport. This vast red desert has been featured in many popular films, such as Lawrence of Arabia, Red Planet, Prometheus, and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.
  • Trek Through Petra– Travel to Amman to see the majestic old city of Petra that was lost to the world for centuries. Discover the genius of Nabataeans, and imagine how they built and carved staircases, temples, royal tombs, colonnaded streets, and monasteries out of rocks as you walk along Petra’s well-paved paths. As you explore this massive city, feel free to ride a camel, a buggy, or a donkey when your legs are tired. Aim for the summit before five o’clock to catch a glimpse of the beautiful red and orange colors of the sunset reflected by the rocks.

Transportation in Amman

  • Car Rental– When your flight arrives at Amman Queen Alia (AMM), you will find lots of car rental options, including international brands, such as Hertz and Avis. Jordan is quite small, so with a map, you can navigate the city. Just be extra careful driving on complex and zigzagging roads, ie. routes to Madaba, Mt. Nebo, and Ajloun castle.
  • Bus – From Amman airport, Sariyah Express offers a shuttle bus taking passengers from Queen Alia International Airport to downtown Amman every hour (7AM – 11PM and 1AM – 3AM). Jordan Express Tourist Transport or JETT is another bus company that offers trips to distant travel destinations, such as Aqaba and Petra.
  • Taxi – A taxi to the city from the airport costs about $26. Encourage the driver to use the meter or agree on a price before taking the cab. Tipping the cab driver is not required, but it is much appreciated.
  • Service Taxi – Note that these white taxis are shared transport with fixed routes and rates. They do not travel beyond the city.

Amman Travel Safety Tips

  • Despite what you hear from the news about Middle East conflicts, Amman is a safe haven for most travelers for business or pleasure.
  • It is advisable to dress modestly, especially when you are visiting the holy sites.
  • If you are visiting during Ramadan, you should not smoke, eat, or drink in public.
  • Amman’s proximity to Syria and Iraq poses some threat because of potential spillover of tension from these bordering nations.
  • When traveling around Amman by car, practice defensive driving.
  • If you are planning to say in Amman for a couple of days, it would be convenient to hire an English-speaking driver.
  • Most major streets are known by cab drivers, but small or minor streets are not labeled.
  • Most parts of Amman city is not ideal for walking, except for the quaint village of Jabal al-Weibdeh.
  • If Petra is included in your itinerary, be sure to wear the proper footwear and outfit. Most visitors booking a tour to this destination are unprepared for its steep and dusty paths.

Amman Airport Tips

  • Queen Alia International Airport (AMM) is located 35 km south of Amman city center.
  • Many major airlines operate in AMM including British Airways, Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways,Virgin Atlantic Airlines, and Lufthansa German Airlines.
  • AMM has first class lounges located at Terminal 1: Petra lounge and Crown lounge. Both lounges are open 24/7 and have the basic amenities, such as showers and Wi-Fi.
  • Amman Queen Alia airport lounges do not have sleeping facilities. There is, however, an airport hotel five minutes away by car from the airport. It’s accessible via a free airport shuttle service.
  • The airport lounges welcome first class and business class passengers, as well as frequent fliers. Meanwhile, economy passengers may buy access to the lounges.
  • Around the airside areas, you can find duty and tax-free stalls where you can shop while waiting.
  • Airport shuttle buses are available from 6:30AM transporting passengers from Queen Alia International Airport to Amman daily.
  • From AMM, you can reach central Amman in about half an hour by bus, taxi, or hotel shuttle.
  • For first and business class flight passengers, some airlines have chauffeur service available. Ask your flight guru if this is possible with your chosen airline.
  • Hotel transport service can be booked ahead of time to ensure your safe and smooth journey from the airport to your hotel.
  • The airport arrival and departure halls have free Wi-Fi. If you find the signal weak, look for 4 World News Cafes, and buy some Wi-Fi cards.

Best Restaurants in Amman

When tourists rave about Middle Eastern cuisine, they often mention Cairo or Dubai. Amman is rarely picked as the best Middle Eastern foodie destination. But that is about to change as more Amman visitors discover the culinary gems in the city’s downtown restaurants and beyond. Looking for the best falafel or the tastiest mansaf? Then the right Middle East city to start your gastronomic adventure is Amman. Contact your flight guru to book your flight and hotel, so you can focus on finding one-of-a-kind hole-in-the-wall eateries and gourmet restaurants in Amman.

Fine Dining

  • Fakhr el-DinInsiders tell us to try the delightful Levantine fare in this elegant restaurant that looks like an opulent Jordanian residence. There are excellent Arabic foods to choose from. The staff are courteous, and a great variety of Jordanian wines and Lebanese spirits are available. To avoid disappointment, early reservation is recommended.
  • Beit Sitti–Feel at home at Grandma’s house, literally translated from Beit Sitti, with its homey atmosphere and unique Arabic food preparation. Savor the stunning city views from this villa-turned-restaurant while you enjoy the taste of mouttabal, maaloubeh, and baba ghanouj – all Jordanian versions.
  • Zahr El Lawz–Fifteen minutes from downtown Amman stands a perfect stop for a grand Middle Eastern culinary treat that will sate your appetite for fresh, fantastic, and authentic Arabic food. Be it a dinner for two or a dozen, this exquisite dining place is a memorable stop during your business or leisure trip to Amman.

Mid-Range Restaurants

  • Rakwet Arab– International diners flock to Rakwet Arab for their exceptional manakish and their most raved about shisha. The wooden interior, traditional tiles, and lush garden set the mood for a fabulous dinner and shisha. It’s the right atmosphere for casual conversations and meetings.
  • Al-Quds Restaurant–No trip to Jordan is complete without trying a plateful of the country’s national dish: mansaf (rice mixed with lamb cooked in yoghurt). Locals pick this Amman restaurant for this delicacy, friendly service, and reasonable prices.
  • Joz Hind– If you happen to be strolling along the Al-Weibdeh street, soaking up its vibrant beauty, you can’t miss this favorite tourist dining spot. Get a hint from the translation of the restaurant’s name: the husband of Hind. Luca, an Italian chef, and Hind, a Jordanian homemaker, combine their kitchen expertise to create a lovely fusion of Italian and Jordanian dishes. Remember to try the crowd favorite: tagliatelle.

Cheap Eats

  • Abu Mahjoob– If you have weak self-control, it’s quite easy to get addicted to the taste of scrumptious falafel, especially when you’re having it at Abu Mahjoob. But you’ll be happy to munch on more than two servings because their best-tasting falafel comes at a bargain price! Order some traditional tea to finish off the meal.
  • Hashem Restaurant– Near the Roman Ruins and the Citadel is a legendary Turkish eatery offering Middle Eastern meals 24/7. The place is packed with locals enjoying Hashem’s famous stuffed falafel, hummus, and foul (pronounced as fool). Value for money is guaranteed here but come early to get a seat.
  • Habibah Sweets Restaurant–The snaking queue outside this eatery is proof that tourists and locals flock here to fulfil their sweet-tooth dream. Craving local dishes, sweets, and kanafeh? This is the ultimate dining stop that won’t break your bank.

Best Luxury Hotels in Amman

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, Amman has an amazing array of accommodation options to choose from. Your travel guru can suggest the best price and place to stay based on your preference and itinerary. The following are the hotel options near the tourist sites you want to visit in and around Amman.

  • Sheraton Amman Al Nabil Hotel –Frequent travelers have spoken: Sheraton Amman Al Nabil Hotel guarantees an excellent stay in Amman. For four years in a row, the hotel has received a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor reviewers. They love the hotel’s swanky lounge and bar, indoor and outdoor pools, and diverse dining options of Italian and other international fare. Great deals year-round are worth checking out.
  • Grand Millennium Hotel Amman –When you book your stay in a luxury hotel winning the “Best Hotel Spa” award, you cannot leave without trying their spa facilities. Business and leisure travelers compliment the hotel’s fast check in, well-equipped rooms, plush lobby, and sky lounge with a sweeping view of Amman. Diverse dining options are also available at great rates. From the hotel, Amman Citadel is a quick 10-minute drive while Queen Alia International Airport is a mere 25-minute drive. All the city conveniences are only minutes away.
  • Mövenpick Resort Petra –Planning to explore Petra for a week or more? You couldn’t ask for a closer, fancier property than Mövenpick Resort Petra. Guests praise the hotel’s strategic location (being the closest property to Petra), spacious rooms, and rooftop restaurant and lounge. You will appreciate the hotel’s steam room and pool after a long, tiring day trekking through Petra. Book during summer to get special offers.
  • Kempinski Hotel Aqaba Red Sea –Jetsetting solo travelers, couples, and families have found a legendary hideaway in Aqaba through Kempinski Hotel. A world-class travel destination only deserves a world-class accommodation. Guests are happy with Kempinski’s upscale suites overlooking the stunning view of the Red Sea, equipped with pampering sunken tubs and up-to-the-minute amenities. Find some time to relax at the property’s two-floor spa offering herbal treatments. Ask your travel guru for insider deals during off-season.
  • Jordan Valley Marriott Resort and Spa –Looking for a luxurious retreat near the enchanting Dead Sea? Jordan Valley Marriott Resort and Spa pampers its guests with lap pools and therapy baths. From the balcony of your posh room is a spectacular view of the famed lake known to cure an untold number of illnesses. This resort offers free parking and is just about an hour away from Queen Alia International Airport.

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