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Try EVRewards for the Best Online Shopping Loyalty Program Rewards

Posted By Kellie
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The customer buying experience is a mere exoskeleton of what it once was. Years ago we relied on salespeople and brochures to figure our what we wanted and when to buy it, but today we have all of the information we need right at our fingertips. Unfortunately, there is often so much information out there that figuring out exactly the best bargain can still be a challenge. Enter: EVRewards.

A simple online platform, EVRewards will perform an automatic search of all the available bargains and loyalty programs, including the mile and point conversions for various frequent flyer programs, per online retailer!


For instance, before committing to Best Buy to purchase some new electronics for my niece’s birthday I typed the term “Best Buy” into the search engine and it responded with a complete list of rewards. What I found, among other things, was a promotion code for free shipping and the point/miles per dollar spent conversion for all major airline and hotel programs. With this information at hand, I was able to figure our exactly which card would give me the best bang for my buck.


This may sound a bit confusing but the site could not be more user-friendly. What’s more, this means that you can stop scouring the web for the deals before going to the online retailer’s site. In other words, less time wasted, more money saved! It’s a complete win-win. Try it out here and see for yourself. And FYI, you don’t have to thank us – coming across the site in the first place was gift enough for us!


Guru Tip: It can cost 3 cents or more per mile plus fees (example: $75.25 for 2,000 miles on United) to top off your account from say 98,500 miles to 100,000 miles for your trip. Signup for Netflix for example and earn 1,500 miles, saving you $75.25! That about pays the $8 a month fee, most of a year, or cancel early and you may be able to keep the miles (we hear).