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Typhoon Mindulle Impacts Japan Travel – Torrential rain and severe winds exceeding 100 mph hit Japan’s coast, about 50 miles from Tokyo, on Monday. At least one person died, and nearly 30 injuries were reported as a result of Typhoon Mindulle. Japanese officials issued warnings to Tokyo residents to watch out for landslides, flooding, intense winds, and massive waves. The typhoon has affected travel to, from, and within Japan. Many airlines have canceled flights. Four hundred flights have been canceled so far. Japan Airlines canceled more than 180 domestic flights. Mindulle is the 9th typhoon to hit Japan this typhoon season.

Restrictions on US-Mexico Flights Lifted – On Sunday, most flight restrictions between the United States and Mexico were lifted. Due to this change, there will be more flight options and possibly cheaper airfares for travelers. American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Southwest Airlines already announced their plans to offer new flights to Mexico later this year. United Airlines hasn’t made an announcement yet and will continue to monitor the demand for flights. Last December, the United States and Mexico agreed to open their aviation markets to each other’s airlines, thus abolishing the rule that limited two or three airlines from each country to a specific route. American and Mexican airlines will be able to fly any routes they want to fly as often as they like, as well as establish their own prices.

Airlines Expect Over 15 Million Passengers for Labor Day Travel – During the 7-day Labor Day travel period from Wednesday, August 31, through Tuesday, September 6, US airlines expect 15.6 million passengers, according to Airlines for America (A4A). An increase from last year is partly due to a decrease in airfares this year. A4A expects 2.23 million people flying on each day of the Labor Day travel week. Thursday, September 1, and Friday, September 2, are expected to be the busiest travel days. A4A also predicts that the major airports in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Chicago will get the most traffic.

Indonesian Airlines Receive Safety Clearance for US Flights – Indonesian airlines are allowed to fly to the United States following a safety review by officials. After nearly 10 years, Indonesia has been upgraded to Category 1, the highest air safety rating, according to the US Federal Aviation Administration. Indonesia’s flag carrier, Garuda Indonesia, could start flying to America in 2017, with Jakarta to New York or Los Angeles as possible routes under consideration. Recently, the European Union also rescinded a ban on several Indonesian airlines, and Indonesia now abides by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) safety standards.

Travelers Write Apology Messages About Ryan Lochte at Rio Airport – A marker board at Rio’s major airport was set up for travelers to use while waiting for their flights. As thousands of athletes, coaches, journalists, and others associated with the Olympics left Rio, many stopped at the board to write brief messages to Rio before their flights. One of the most popular messages travelers wrote on the board is, “Sorry about Ryan Lochte.” Since the swimmer’s widely publicized scandal in Rio, Speedo and Ralph Lauren have terminated their sponsorship deals with him. After losing millions of dollars, Lochte is probably sorrier than anyone writing on that board at Rio’s airport.

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