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Top Pitfalls When Traveling To London

Posted By AFG Team
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It’s very common to make some mistakes when visiting a city for the first time, but we’re here to help. If you book a discounted business class flight or cheap first class flight to London via our gurus and do any of the following, it will be very noticeable that you’re a tourist.

Sightseeing in London

  • You take a ride on a double-decker bus.
  • You visit Buckingham Palace first.
  • You wonder when you will see the queen. (You won’t see the queen.)
  • You’re standing in line to take a ride on the London Eye.
  • You stop traffic on Abbey Road to take a photo like the Beatles’ album cover.
  • You get a photo of yourself in front of a red telephone booth.
  • You mispronounce Leicester Square when asking for directions to it.
  • You say you love Leicester Square. (Leicester Square is a huge tourist trap with mediocre restaurants, dive bars, and pickpockets.)
  • You carry a large backpack full of travel gear wherever you go. 

Getting Around London

  • You eat on the Tube.
  • You fall asleep on the Tube.
  • You take 10 minutes to top up your Oyster card.
  • You get claustrophobic on the Tube.
  • You forget to use your Oyster card when exiting the Tube and cause delays.
  • You look the wrong way before crossing the street.
  • You’re the only one talking above a whisper on the Tube.
  • You’re the only one talking on the Tube.
  • You drive, walk, or stand on the wrong side of the street and sidewalk. (Cars drive on the left side of the street. Pedestrian traffic flow is on the right.)
  • You stand on the left side of an escalator. (It’s actually stand on the right and walk on the left.)
  • You arrive at the exit of the Tube and stop in the doorway to check your map or your phone, blocking the exit for everyone else.
  • You try to make conversation with strangers on the Tube. (Unless you’re asking for directions, don’t ever speak to people you don’t know on public transportation.)
  • You’re wearing UGG boots.
  • You refer to London as “London, England.”

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Weather in London

  • You think it’s raining all the time.
  • You’re shocked to see someone wearing shorts during winter.
  • You’re the only one on the street without an umbrella when there’s a downpour.

Dining & Shopping in London

  • You think British food is awful.
  • You leave a tip at a bar. (Locals never tip bartenders because 12.5% is already included in the bill.)
  • You’re confused when someone offers you a biscuit but gives you a cookie.
  • You’re shocked when there’s no ice in the water you ordered at a restaurant.
  • You ask for chips, and someone gives you French fries. (You should ask for “crisps.”)
  • You ask when it’s tea time. (Whenever you feel like having tea, it’s tea time.)
  • You eat at chain restaurants like Angus Steakhouse and T.G.I. Friday’s.
  • You try to get a table for dinner at a restaurant after 10pm. (Locals eat between 6pm and 9pm, and restaurants stop seating people before 10pm.)
  • You shop at chain stores on Oxford Street or Regent Street.
  • You wear “Mind the Gap” or Union Jack (UK flag) shirts right after buying them as souvenirs.

Misunderstandings in London

  • You hear people talking about football and you ask which NFL teams they like.
  • You try to convince locals that football is actually called soccer.
  • You compliment someone’s pants and they react with embarrassment. (Pants are underwear. Trousers are pants.)
  • You ask someone where the bathroom is and they point to a sign that says “WC” so you ask again. (WC stands for water closet, which means bathroom.)
  • You confuse Tower Bridge with London Bridge.
  • You imitate and mock the different British dialects.

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