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Top 5 Cool Things To Do in Cape Town This Summer

Posted By AFG Team
Cape Town

A trip to Cape Town is not your average vacation. South Africa’s capital offers spectacular views, diverse culinary offerings, and one-of-a-kind adventures you won’t experience anywhere else. If you’re traveling to this city for business, visiting family, or your honeymoon, here are the top 5 unique things to do in Cape Town to make the most of your stay.

Ascend Table Mountain in a cable car.
Why break a sweat when you can relish the breathtaking views of the entire city and the Atlantic sea inside the comforts of a cable car? This is how the majority of tourists reach Cape Town’s most iconic natural landmark. Avid hikers who have more time and energy to spare can join guided trails heading up to Table Mountain’s summit. Not a fan of muddy and strenuous walks but want an adrenaline rush from this trip? There’s an option to rappel back down. When you reach the flat-topped mountain (hence the name), linger here for a while to soak up the sweeping views of the city and its surrounding sea. Book your cable car ride online, and set out for an afternoon trip. This will save you time from waiting in line, and you can stay until the red-orange sunset appears.

Go horseback riding at the foot of Chapman’s Peak.
If you love horseback riding along dramatic coastal scenery, then Noordhoek Valley is the place to go. This vast horseback riding hideaway boasts lovely tracks with scenic shores and wetlands as backdrops. Riders of all levels can experience these equestrian escapes. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, you can give it a try! Picture this – you’re riding a horse while the sun slowly disappears into the horizon. Splendid image, isn’t it?

As you head back to the stable, you will pass by friendly locals, so be sure to give them a wave, nod, or smile. Also, stay alert for possible avian sightings along open, public spaces. Pretty peacocks, exotic guinea fowls, Egyptian geese, and other gorgeous species of birds often roam freely in their natural habitats. Bring your camera.

Meet adorable penguins at Boulders Beach.
Penguins don’t just live and breed in Antarctica. Some of them also lounge in a lovely little cove in Cape Town. At Boulders Beach (named after the scattered boulders along its coastline), these penguins feel at home. The sea’s seclusion, cold water, and pristine condition makes it an attractive breeding ground for these captivating aquatic birds. You will see them walking casually along the shores.

They don’t usually mind if you go a bit closer for an Instagram-worthy photo. It’s not everyday that you encounter these birds while relaxing at the beach, so don’t miss this rare photo opportunity!

Groot Constantia is the wine lover’s favorite hangout.
The older the producer gets, the better they become at perfecting wines. Just like fine wine, Groot Constantia’s standards have improved over time. It’s no surprise why this South African wine estate continues to make white and red wine of outstanding quality.

Take a step back in time, and sign up for their cellar tours and tastings scheduled from 5pm to 8pm. Your guide can shed light on the winery’s enthralling history that dates back to 1685. Sample and take home some of Groot Constantia’s award-winning wines; witness the fascinating wine-making process; dine at one of the two impressive in-house restaurants; and explore the displays and exhibitions inside the grand Manor House Museum.

People-watch and shop at Victoria & Alfred (V&A) Waterfront.
What better way to spend your last day in Cape Town than a visit to this popular shopping destination? There’s a slew of reasons why you should check out this vibrant waterfront before you leave the city. The top three? Fantastic food, festive atmosphere, and fun nightlife.

Stop by Baia Seafood Restaurant for outstanding seafood and vintage wine selections. Need to shop for souvenirs? As South Africa’s premier shopping haven, this area boasts around 450 outlets where you can find a variety of items that are unique to the city. If you’re not in the mood to shop, check out the Two Oceans Aquarium located along the harbor. Or sit at one of the waterfront cafes and soak up the view of fellow travelers and locals having some downtime.

Bonus: Take a walk at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens. While the indigenous species in this park seem to appeal only to certain types of tourists, e.g. botanists, science-inclined, or conservation enthusiasts, that’s not often the case. Since anyone can reap the benefits by spending time in nature, this beautiful botanical garden suits every type of traveler. This trip is a must-do, especially if you haven’t experienced that grand feeling of awe in a while.

It’s safe to say that Cape Town has everything a tourist could want from a vacation. Dazzling beaches, sensational scenery, rich wildlife, world-famous wines, and a general sense of peace. Beat the scorching heat with these six out-of-the-ordinary activities.

What’s stopping you from venturing out into this surreal South African destination? Cape Town is calling… have you booked your flights yet?