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Top 15 Eateries in Copenhagen & Best Danish Foods

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When you book your trip via our gurus, you will get cheap first class flights and discounted business class flights to Copenhagen. While you’re in Denmark’s capital, we suggest that you visit these restaurants and try authentic Danish cuisine.

  1. Noma – Ranked the Best Restaurant in the World by Restaurant magazine in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014. Located in an old warehouse in Christianshavn. Denmark’s only restaurant to earn 2 Michelin stars. The menu features Nordic/Scandinavian cuisine.
  2. Grønbech & Churchill – Michelin-starred with a menu of Nordic cuisine. Classic dishes made with innovative flavor combinations. Award-winning chef Rasmus Grønbech.
  3. AOC – Michelin-starred. Located in the basement of 18th century mansion Moltkes Palace. 7-course and 10-course menus.
  4. Godt – Michelin-starred. This restaurant’s name means “good” in English. Traditional French cuisine.
  5. Formel B – Michelin-starred. French cuisine made with Danish ingredients.

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  1. Le Sommelier – Classic French restaurant with an impressive wine list. Try the foie gras. For dessert, try the chocolate plate that offers various chocolate creations.
  2. Umami – Japanese and French cuisine combined for unique flavors. Features a cocktail bar and sushi counter.
  3. Kong Hans Kælder – Located in Copenhagen’s oldest building. Watch the chef cook in the open kitchen. Á la carte and fixed price menus. Kitchen closes at 10pm, but the restaurant stays open until midnight Monday through Saturday.
  4. Era Ora – Well-established Italian restaurant serving Umbrian cuisine. Located in an 18th century building canal-side.
  5. Bastionen + Loven – Located inside an old mill in Christianshavn. Very popular for weekend brunch, so arrive early on Saturdays and Sundays.

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  1. Rabes Have – The oldest pub in Copenhagen dating back to the 17th Located at the south-west end of Christianshavn. Serves traditional Danish lunch.
  2. Kontiki Bar & Færgen Ellen – Located on a retired ferry behind the Opera House. Sit on the deck for drinks and snacks or in the cabin for formal Danish dining. Make reservations ahead.
  3. Conditori La Glace – Founded in 1870, this is one of the oldest confectionaries in Copenhagen. Features a large selection of delicious cakes made from quality ingredients. Try the old-fashioned coffee, tea, and real chocolate.
  4. Emmerys Bakery – Organic bakery and gourmet grocery store. Known for its excellent organic bread and delicious cakes. You can get fresh sandwiches made to order.
  5. Café Salonen – Local favorite. Relaxed atmosphere. Outdoor seating.

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Danish Foods

  • Frikadeller – Pork and veal meatballs served with potatoes.
  • Stegt Flæsk – Danish bacon served with parsley sauce and potatoes.
  • Sol Over Gudhjem – Open sandwich with smoked herring, chives, and onion topped with raw egg yolk.
  • Rødkal – Stewed red cabbage with apples, vinegar, cinnamon, and sugar.
  • Kogt Hamburgerryg – Pork tenderloin baked with thyme and parsley and served with boiled potatoes, vegetables, and horseradish or mustard.
  • Æbleskiver – Traditional Danish pancakes in a distinctive sphere shape. Served dipped in raspberry, strawberry, or blackberry jam and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Also called “appleskives.”
  • Ris à l’amande – Rice pudding with almonds, whipped cream, and vanilla. Served cold. Topped with warm cherry sauce. Popular at Christmastime.
  • Citronfromage – A very thick lemon custard. Served cold with whipped cream. A variation known as Romfromage is flavored with rum instead of lemon.

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