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Top 10 Restaurants in Helsinki, Finland

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Helsinki’s best restaurants are sure to impress even the most discerning foodie. Fly first class or business class to Helsinki at reduced rates to taste the finest cuisine in Finland’s capital.

Restaurant Demo – In 2003, two friends opened this restaurant in downtown Helsinki. It offers top-quality dining in a relaxed and cozy environment. Restaurant Demo was named Restaurant of the Year 2006 by The Gastronomic Association of Finland. In 2007, Demo was the first bistro-style restaurant in Finland to receive a Michelin star. The cuisine incorporates classic French and Finnish influences with a subtle modern edge. Instead of à la carte choices, guests can choose from the best dishes the cooks create daily. The menu is presented verbally and changes frequently.

Restaurant Olo – Located in the heart of Helsinki, Olo is a modern Nordic gourmet restaurant. The menu follows the yearly cycle of Nordic nature, using the best natural ingredients from land and sea. Wine is an integral part in the dining experience here. The cellars include wines that are exclusively available at Olo. Founded in 2006, Olo was awarded one Michelin star in 2011. In 2012, Olo was number 1 on the list of Top 50 Restaurants in Finland. The Finnish Gastronomical Society selected Olo as Restaurant of the Year in 2009.

Chef & Sommelier – Located in Ullanlinna, Helsinki, Chef & Sommelier uses natural, organic, and Fairtrade ingredients in its modern Finnish cuisine. It was chosen Restaurant of the Year in 2013 by The Gastronomic Association of Finland. The restaurant received its first Michelin star in 2014. Instead of an à la carte menu, you can choose from nine available courses. Plus, there are vegetarian alternatives to all courses. Hidden in a residential neighborhood, Chef & Sommelier is a small, simply decorated restaurant with a friendly atmosphere. The chefs serve the guests themselves.

Restaurant Ask – Ask is a small, intimate restaurant in the upscale Kruununhaka area of Helsinki, offering 4 or 8 course menus. The restaurant sources its produce from small farmers and producers. Restaurant Ask was chosen as Restaurant of the Year 2014 by The Gastronomic Association of Finland and received a Michelin star in the same year.

Luomo – Located in downtown Helsinki, this eatery opened in 2009. It has one Michelin star. The modern cuisine served here is made with local ingredients. The 4 or 6 course Nordic menu changes seasonally. Ask for a window table overlooking the harbor.

Restaurant Savoy – This restaurant has been among the very best in Helsinki since 1937. In 2007, it was named Restaurant of the Year by The Finnish Gastronomical Society. It is known for its classic cuisine, but it is also a pioneer in modern day gastronomy with a focus on healthy eating. Savoy sources ingredients from the best organic farms, hunters, fishermen, food wholesalers, vineyards, herb sellers, and bakeries to guarantee a high-quality menu year-round. Restaurant Savoy is also a popular location for special occasions.

Restaurant MuruIn 2012, Muru was number two on the list of top 50 restaurants in Finland and continues to be a highly regarded locale for fine dining. The menu changes often, but you’ll find house specialties like Sir Lintsi’s paté en croute, bouillabaisse, risotto, and chocolate fondant. Plus, there’s a choice of over 200 wines and a bar made from old wine boxes. This vibrant eatery is cozy and rustic yet also has a contemporary edge.

Restaurant FarangThis stylish restaurant serves modern southeast Asian cuisine with influences from Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia. It is located within the historical Kunsthalle art center of Helsinki. All of Farang’s food is prepared with fresh ingredients in the kitchen onsite. The ingredients are sourced from local producers and are organic when possible. The flavors are primarily produced with fresh herbs and vegetables, creating a strong base for vegetable dishes. Farang bases its cuisine on aromas, creating an inviting blend of hot, sour, salty, and sweet. In one room, the décor features large photos of Thai scenes, while the other room is furnished in red, black, and grey, with transparent curtains separating the black tables.

Restaurant Nokka – Nokka was voted Best Helsinki Menu Restaurant in 2002, 2008, and 2011, and also The Best Restaurant in Helsinki in 2012. The modern Finnish menu is made with hand-picked, high-quality ingredients from small farm producers. The restaurant takes great pride in using pure ingredients. Located in a converted warehouse next to the harbor, Nokka has a nautical vibe, featuring a huge anchor and propeller. There’s also a cooking school, a wine cellar, and a glass-walled kitchen here.

Restaurant Palace – This first-class restaurant offers a classic 50s vibe with stunning sea views. It is located on the 10th floor of a historical building that was designed for the Helsinki Olympics in 1952. The menu blends past traditions with new trends and innovations, including creative dishes prepared with the finest Finnish and Scandinavian ingredients. The wine cellar features carefully selected first-rate wines. Restaurant Palace is known for having the best crayfish parties and August kickoff parties in Helsinki.

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