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Top 10 Bali Tourist Attractions

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Bali Tourist Attractions

Bali is awash in natural, cultural, and manmade beauty. Since the 1930s, this Indonesian province has been growing and gaining attention, especially among Australian vacationers looking for an exotic getaway. In 2015, 4 million out of 10 million foreign tourists in Indonesia spent most of their dollars exploring Bali’s tourist attractions.

Book your flight to Bali, and check out this handy list of amazing tourist spots within the island. Each attraction will make your trip to Bali extra special.

Bali Hotels and Resorts
Opulent retreats and resorts abound in Bali. The best area to stay in bali for a honeymoon, family vacation, or holiday with friends depends on the travel experiences you want to get out of your trip. From beachfront properties to retreats within a thick forest, your accommodation options are endless. Tourists looking to swim in the world’s most spectacular infinity pool should head over to the Hanging Gardens of Bali. Meanwhile, visitors who like easy access to one of Bali’s best beaches, Nusa Dua, can book a luxurious villa in Mulia, one of the Top Resorts in Asia in 2016 (Readers’ Choice Awards, Conde Nast Traveler).

Bali National Golf Club
As a site of premier hotels and resorts, Bali has attracted a steady stream of well-heeled jet-setters looking to play their favorite game within the island. Among the golfing destinations in Bali, visitors prefer to play at the Bali National Golf Club. This site offers 5-star amenities and a top-class course that many seasoned and novice golfers rave about. The grounds are splendidly green while the backdrop is scenic, making this course favorable for fun and fabulous game play.

Bali Beaches
The clear turquoise waters surrounding Bali means terrific water activities and island-hopping tours aplenty. A pleasant or temperate climate year-round makes Bali beaches a fantastic getaway all year long. Snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking are popular in Bali. Surfers flock to Balagan Beach; scuba divers and snorkelers love the thriving underwater grandeur of Amed Beach; and beach-lovers seeking seclusion go to Bias Tugal. If you’re staying in any of the island’s luxurious properties, the closest beach is likely Geger Beach.

Mount Batur
Hike up the 1717-high mountain at dawn, and greet the sunrise atop the volcano of Batur. Travel and Leisure suggests taking a leisurely day trip with a car and a driver to this lovely spot in Bali. Plan a stop at intriguing villages nearby, including Kintamani, Batubulan, Mas, and Celuk. Be ready to take captivating photos of Lake Batur, the coffee plantations, and the smoky cone of the volcano. Schedule the Kintaman Tour at 3pm instead of the busy lunch hour to avoid the crowds.

Bali Rice Paddies
For an offbeat and free cultural tour, visit a rice terrace field in Bali’s countryside. Take a walk along Subak Sok Wayah in a town in Ubud, and observe the irrigation system, a UNESCO World Heritage recognized invention of the local farmers on the island. While it’s possible to rent a bike for this excursion, walking is the best way to navigate the intricate pathways of the picturesque rice field. This is also an awesome way to mingle with the locals.

Tanah Lot Temple
Probably the most iconic tourist destination in Bali, Tanah Lot Temple offers sensational sunset views, gorgeous water vistas, and fascinating mythological and religious tales. Ask your local guide about this structure. Legend has it that a traveler named Dang Hyang Nirartha saw this beautiful rocky islet and thought of building a worship site where the locals can honor the Balinese sea gods. Since Hinduism is a pervading religion in the province, the stories behind this temple have changed over time. Yes, it is a bit touristy, but embrace the wisdom of the crowd, and you’re in for wonderful surprise.

Yoga Retreats and Spa Retreats
For some necessary R&R, Bali can cater to your needs. Most locals practice Hinduism, meaning they practice yoga. Visitors should book a class in Yoga Barn for a vacation to remember. Whether you are enjoying a holiday with your friends, family, or a romantic partner, you’ll leave Bali feeling fit and rejuvenated. For outstanding spa treatments, try the endearing Shirodhara massage in one of the gorgeous villas at Alila Resort in Uluwatu, Bali. Alternatively, savor the sweeping views of the Indian Ocean as you enjoy holistic treatments and a therapeutic massage provided by Karma Spa and Wellness Centre in Ungasan, Bali.

Waterfall Galore
Bali draws adventurers and nature enthusiasts to its wondrous waterfalls. Unknown to many tourists, Bali boasts several spectacular waterfalls in the province, from the awe-inspiring Sekumpul Waterfall to the photogenic Tukad Cepung Waterfall. Chasing breathtaking waterfalls will not only revive your sense of wonder, but the trip will also bring you closer to the locals. Since most of Bali’s waterfalls are hidden high on the mountains, you need to be physically fit and extra careful when tackling challenging terrains.

Bali Dining Scene
With all the sights and activities you want to include in your trip to Bali, you’ll need to fuel up to tackle the top Bali tourist attractions. Now you have a good excuse to indulge in the best dishes of Balinese and international cuisines. Whether you want a romantic dinner on the beach of Bali, or a sumptuous family lunch in the heart of the jungle, Bali has it. Consider the ambience, amenities, and location of the restaurants you wish to try. Popular dining spots often need to be booked months in advance. Among the best Bali restaurants that have garnered great reviews are Sari Organik, Locavore, and Seminyak’s Eat Street.

Uluwatu Temple
Also known as Pura Luhur Uluwatu, the Uluwatu Temple offers commanding views of the sea and sunset with its perfect location atop a cliff facing the Indian ocean. The Hindus in Bali consider this among the island’s most sacred worship sites. The coastal scenery and the ornate design of the temple inspire awe from any visitor who comes here for spiritual renewal or picturesque photo opportunities. Linger here until six in the evening to catch a glimpse of Kecak dance performances by the locals. There’s a seafood restaurant nearby if you want to have dinner before you head back to your hotel.