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Top 10 Airlines Offering the Best In-Flight Meals

Posted By AFG Team
Business and First Class Food

Airplane food has a bad reputation among many frequent flyers. Some prefer to sleep throughout their transatlantic flights to avoid eating. Others have low expectations, so they are prepared for the worst. But as customers demand better food, the world’s top airlines are raising the bar for in-flight dining. Now that top chefs are involved in crafting in-flight menus, plane food might be something to look forward to in the future. In fact, a few airlines are already whipping up excellent meals 30,000 in the air.

Here’s a glimpse at a few exciting in-flight menus offered in business and first class cabins of the world’s top carriers:

Qantas Airways
Celebrated Australian chef/restaurateur Neil Perry has been with Qantas for the past 15 years. Under his instruction, the airline has found ways to serve gorgeous grilled Kingfish fillet, blue cheese, and broccoli tarts for lunch or dinner on longhaul Qantas flights. Wash down these gourmet in-flight meals with drinks prepared by the airline’s 16 sommeliers and mixologists. That’s how carriers guarantee that you get top-notch drinks in the clouds.

Virgin Atlantic
To get the best recipes for Virgin Atlantic’s food, the carrier brought in an expert chef-in-charge to sample 500 dishes and come up with a superior menu for VIP passengers. Expect the airline’s sandwich wraps, sweets, tea, and sparkling wine to resemble what’s available on the ground.

Air New Zealand
Flying on Air New Zealand for your next long-haul trip? If so, have a welcome drink the moment you settle into your cushy seat. As soon as you unwind with your first glass of wine, you will realize that the airline does not take beverages lightly. In fact, they meticulously selected the country’s top wine tasters to select the best bottles of wine to serve on board. So far, more than a million bottles have been served by the airline to its VIP passengers. If you’re wondering who is in charge of the airline’s menu, it’s Peter Gordon. Sample epicurean dishes, like Moorish chicken with saffron-spiced tomato broth, cinnamon roasted-pumpkin hummus, and white beans. This airline sure knows how to pull off a fantastic feast in the sky.

Thai Airways
If you’ve booked a first class flight on Thai Airways, you can savor a delicious glass of champagne the moment you step on board. Royal first class passengers can take advantage of an exclusive “Chef on Call” service that gives them the privilege to choose one out of eighteen varieties of dishes crafted by master chefs. A few delectable dishes worth sampling include peanut pad noodles, stir-fried rice topped with pork and chili, and chicken curry. The airline strives to present the country’s finest culinary treasures on board.

Korean Air
Another carrier from Asia joins the innovation in airline food preparation. VIP passengers can order focaccia, fresh champignon soup, and fresh salad (a cart comes with fresh veggies, spices, and yoghurt dressing for mixing). The flight attendants will plate the salad for you. Other gourmet treats worth having are kung pao chicken, chablis (as drinks), fruits and cheeses, mango cheesecake, ice cream, and omija punch (five-flavored tea).

Sometimes you don’t have to wait until you land in Japan before you get a taste of the country’s best cuisine. On board All Nippon Airways, you can sample the flavors of Japan. A few dishes worth phoning home about are the smoked salmon and scallop tartare in bouchée pie, sushi, risotto wrapped in roasted beef, simmered oyster in soy-based ginger sauce, and grilled mackerel with mixed vegetables and egg. Before your trip, you can check the menu online to build anticipation for a great in-flight dining experience.

Cathay Pacific
With renowned chef Daniel Green leading Cathay Pacific Catering Services, VIP passengers can expect healthy and yummy dishes on board. You can still order your favorite Thai curry, but it won’t have whole milk in it to lessen the saturated fats. There aren’t any deep-fried food options available, not only because they are unhealthy, but also because they don’t taste good when reheated.

Turkish Airlines
Nik Loukas, a globetrotter who has traveled the world 17 times, commented in a CNN article that Turkish Airlines’ meals (on both short and long-haul flights) are spot on. Passengers have an option to book a special meal as long as they do it 24 hours before they fly. If you fly on Turkish Airlines frequently, odds are, you won’t be served the same meal because the in-flight catering follows a rotating menu. The key to their delicious meals? The carrier only uses the freshest ingredients.

Each flight has a specific menu served on board, and you can find out what’s being served days before your flight. Business class passengers reported great satisfaction with Arabic cuisine served onboard Emirates Airlines. Try their Mezze, spinach, and seafood biryani for a satisfying meal. Health-conscious fliers can skip sugary desserts and opt for fruits with yoghurt.

Singapore Airlines
Long-haul flights on this top Asian carrier won’t settle for less than excellent when it comes to dining. The airline is well-known for using a pressurized tasting room to ensure that the meals taste as good at 40,000 feet as they do on the ground. The airline also offers a “Book Your Cook” service. This is not just available for first-class and business-class cabins but also in the Premium Economy cabin. Now, travelers can pre-select their main course from the airline’s extensive menu up to 24 hours before their flight.