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Tango Buenos Aires Festival

Posted By AFG Team

Tango has a long history, dating back to the brothels in Argentina, and eventually making its way to high-society ballrooms all across the globe. Tango is a testament to the passion that is within everyone, a testament that sexuality cannot be contained within class or wealth. This energy is now celebrated at the Tango Buenos Aires Festival every August.

Tango is for Two

Tango stretches back to the 1800s, when Buenos Aires was under a plethora of influences. Tango is a fusion of culture, dance, and music. Tango in itself embodies mystery, for while it combines African and European elements, it has ambiguous origins. Many scholars believe tango started in Argentine brothels by lower-class citizens. The dance has become a ritual for seduction.

The Tango Buenos Aires Festival is the largest celebration of tango around the world. And while tango can be found in Buenos Aires year round, the festival is officially 18 days.

It all starts with La Festival, a 9-day celebration which features shows, screenings, and a huge open-air milonga. This is essentially where tens of thousands of tangueros will dance together in the streets.

Next is the Mundial de Tango (Tango World Championships). In 2013 8,000 fans came to Luna Park to cheer on their favorite professional dancers.

Whether you are an experienced tango dancer or completely new to the dance, you will find a place here. Classes are available every day for people of all skills and talent. All you need is a set of feet, patience, and passion. There is also a host of local attractions.

There are free classes for beginners for days and plenty of tango singers to provide sweet singing. The only really essential thing you need to bring is a partner, because after all it takes two to tango. Make it even more romantic and get your business class flights to Argentina through Alpha Flight Guru!

The festival has already begun, if you missed it this year, you can always plan for 2015.