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Sochi Travel Tips

Posted By Kellie
Soch Olympics Sign

If you haven’t already purchased your travel ticket to Sochi, chances are you are already behind the game! Sochi is anticipated to be quite a large event… 2014 Winter Olympics, DUH! This February 7th through the 23rd is going to be a very high-time for travel into Russia… or into much of Europe for that matter.

Some tips you should know before you go:

YOU WILL NEED A TOURIST VISA- You will be visiting another country, so hopefully this is a given for most of you. The rules in Russia however, are a bit stricter. You will be given an immigration form which you have to register within three days of arriving. This form must be stamped at every hotel at which you stay and be on your person at all times.

YOU WILL NEED OLYMPIC EVENT TICKETS (if you plan on attending any)- Tickets are for sale on the Winter Olympics website, but are only sold to people with a Visa card issued in Russia. There will be sales prior to individual Olympic Events, but each country is only issued a certain number of tickets available for purchase through a broker. Try CoSport if you choose to go this route.

YOU WILL NEED A PLACE TO STAY- If you book a travel package to Sochi, you should be covered for accommodations. Your best bet is to book through a travel agent – AFG now offers Hotel Bookings as well as Flights ;). If you are trying to plan the trip on your own, keep in mind that you will need an invitation provided from where you plan on staying, which you can use to assist in applying for your tourist visa.

YOU WILL NEED A WARM JACKET- If you’ve seen any pictures or know anything about Russia at all, you’re well aware that it’s Cold, especially in winter. Plan on dressing for 30 – 40 degree Fahrenheit weather. If you want to do some skiing or any other snow-filled activities, prepare accordingly.

YOU WILL NEED CA$H Currency in Russia is the Ruble. You can exchange your country’s currency for the Ruble at most banks, but be aware that they will only take bills that are not ripped, torn, creased or folded. Bank tellers are very particular in Russia.

If you really want to be in Sochi during the Olympics, book now or forever hold your peace!