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Top Rovaniemi Attractions

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In addition to being the official hometown of Santa Claus, Rovaniemi is a cultural hotspot. When you travel to Finland, there are always plenty of things to do and see in Rovaniemi. With our help, you can fly first class or business class to Finland at discounted rates.

Alpha Flight Guru reviews Rovaniemi’s best attractions.

Arktikum Museum & Arctic Science Centre – Located on the bank of River Ounasjoki, Arktikum is one of Rovaniemi’s main cultural spots and features a beautifully designed glass tunnel. The museum showcases the history and culture of Finnish Lapland and the Arctic region from prehistoric times to present day, offering comprehensive information about the locals’ lifestyle, folklore, and traditions. Other attractions at Arktikum include the Arktikum Café, the Arctic Centre Library, and the Arktikum souvenir shop. There’s also a slide show downstairs on a constant loop.

Pilke Science Centre – Pilke Science Centre’s exhibition spreads knowledge through investigation and active participation. Here you can explore current forest issues and learn about sustainable use of the northern forests and the wide variety of products and commodities connected to the forests. Pilke’s mission is to find many uses for the forests. The exhibition includes the following themes:

  • Forest from Trees – the ecology and biology of forests
  • A Tree Is Falling – forestry, the forest economy, and a tree’s journey, which starts in the forest and ends at downstream processing sites
  • All from Wood – the various forms of wood that can be used for construction, medicines, and foods
  • Men and Women of the Forests – cultural viewpoint of the uses of forests and their significance
  • Welcome to Sahanperä – all about the local area’s past

The Pilke Science Centre is a memorable and interactive place to visit for people of all ages. Visit the Pilke Shop for a variety of forest products.

 Forestry Museum of Lapland – This is the world’s only museum that focuses on fostering the history of forest work in Finnish Lapland. It saves, researches, maintains, and presents the cultural heritage of Lapland’s forestry history. The museum is open mainly during the summer season. During a tour of the museum, you can learn about how people worked and lived in forests in Lapland from the 1870s to the 1950s. Nine cabins onsite each tell a unique story about work and life in very harsh conditions during the 19th century, featuring original tools and equipment on display. For many years, forestry was one of the most important ways of earning money, and it changed the lifestyle of Lapland residents. The museum is located near Salmijärvi Lake.

Korundi House of Culture – Situated in a former bus depot dating back to 1933, the Korundi House of Culture opened in 2011. It successfully blends local history with modern, aesthetically interesting architecture. The core of Korundi’s operations consists of two nationally significant and internationally recognized art organizations: the Lapland Chamber Orchestra and the Rovaniemi Art Museum.

  • Lapland Chamber Orchestra – Founded in 1972, the Lapland Chamber Orchestra is the northernmost professional orchestra in the European Union. Based in Rovaniemi, it is a regional orchestra and gives performances in the Province of Lapland and throughout the arctic region and Finland. The orchestra has a new concert hall in the Korundi House of Culture with over 300 seats.
  • Rovaniemi Art Museum – This museum’s collection includes Finnish modern art from 1940 onwards, plus Nordic and indigenous peoples’ art, and communal and environmental art. It also exhibits international art, and introduces different areas of fine art. The annual exhibition features works of an artist who either lives or was born in Lapland. It also includes pieces from the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation Collection, and offers insight into both domestic and international contemporary art. The museum’s activities are based on the interaction of art with science, culture, the local multicultural community, and the multicultural society of the University of Lapland.

Rovaniemi Local History Museum – Located in one of the few remaining residential buildings characteristic of the area, The Rovaniemi Local History Museum opened in 1959. The museum illustrates life in a local farmhouse and its buildings. The collection includes villagers’ artifacts from the 19th and 20th centuries that relate to fishing, cattle farming, hunting, and reindeer farming. The main building from the 1840s remains in its original location and features furnishings in traditional local style. Additionally, several collections are on display in the storage shed, including traditional handicrafts and food economy. Plus, the storage shed’s ground floor features a photography exhibition of Rovaniemi’s history.

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