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Best Places To Visit While On Holiday in Croatia

Posted By AFG Team
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia’s charms disarm. Once a quiet retreat only known among Europeans, Croatia is fast becoming a global destination with its underrated natural beauty, rich history, remarkable architecture, and colorful culture and traditions. Explore the country’s bustling cities, discover fascinating islands, roam its ancient ruins, sail along its scenic lakes, or bask in its sun-drenched beaches. Now is the time to book your flights for a summer to remember (while plane tickets are cheap).

Find plenty of fun things to do, and see unbelievably beautiful places with this handy guide on where to go on holiday in Croatia.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Wasn’t that King’s Landing from the famous HBO TV series Game of Thrones? Every visitor to Dubrovnik has these curious queries while marveling at the spectacular views of this historic city. When the fantasy series featured Dubrovnik’s dramatic landscape, walled city center, and winding paved streets in many of its scenes, fans were fascinated. The city is among Europe’s top tourist destinations, offering an assortment of alluring beaches, majestic settings, fabulous food, and delicious cocktails, as well as an intriguing history.

Side Trip: Whether you’re an avid fan of Game of Thrones or not, you’re bound to fall in love with Lokrum Island, a 15-minute boat ride from the town’s old port. Wander around lush gardens filled with Mediterranean pine trees, take a historian-led tour to the ancient Benedictine monastery, or simply enjoy swimming and sunbathing on this bewitching island off the coast of Dubrovnik.

Kingdom of Festini in Zminj, Croatia

Looking forward to a tour in an underground marvel? A thrilling exploration awaits inside the Kingdom of Festini in Istria, a peninsula in Croatia. Outdoor enthusiasts and explorers should not miss a journey within Festinsko kraljevstvo (Kingdom of Festini), a splendid cave located in the serene town of Zminj. About 100 meters long, this cave captivates visitors with its dazzling dripstone forms known as the “magician’s hut,” “Tower of Babylon,” and “bat wings.” If you decide to include this tourist spot in your itinerary, be sure to schedule your flights between April and October.

Kornati National Park

Adventurers and nature-lovers thirsty for new wonders will appreciate the wow factor of Kornati National Park. Picture more than 100 scattered crags, islets, and islands of varying sizes, where fig trees, olive groves, and grapevines are grown. Swimming in its bay and unique salt lake are rare wildlife and sea creatures. Book a boat trip complete with drinks, meals, audio commentary, and an expert guide to learn more about this otherworldly sanctuary that belongs to the enthralling coastal region of Dalmatia. Admire the breathtaking views of karst-limestone cliffs and formations on your way to this magical archipelago, and be the first to jump in for a refreshing swim. Professional divers can arrange a tour within the park’s designated diving areas.

Pula Croatia

History buffs should head over to Pula Arena, Croatia’s only Roman Amphitheatre with four complete side towers. Beside this imposing Roman architecture, visitors can find an underground museum with exhibitions of ancient olive oil and wine production. While you’re in this city, check out other popular historical sites, such as the Temple of Augustus, Roman Floor Mosaic, and Zerostrasse. Grab a seat at Cvajner for a delicious cup of coffee, and spend the evening at Konoba Batelina for a memorable night out in this historic city.

Side Trip: Beach-goers often venture further to Kamenjak Peninsula to experience its rugged beauty and end-of-the-world vibe.

Zagreb Croatia

No visitor can get a complete picture of Croatia without visiting its lively capital, Zagreb. The highlights of your trip to Zagreb include wandering around Jelačić Square (the Times Square of Croatia), paying respects to Croatia’s 19th-century hero Josip Jelačić, exploring traditional and modern art galleries and museums, hiking up the Lotrščak Tower, and strolling through the city’s lush oasis at Zagreb Botanical Garden. You could easily spend a day or two in Zagreb lounging at sidewalk cafes, watching evening entertainment, or hanging out with tourists and locals at friendly bars.

Brač Croatia

Feel the beat of Croatia’s rural heart in Brač. Zlatni Rat, also known as Golden Cape, a radiant V-shaped beach you see in most tourism posters about Croatia, is located in this region. Lots of active water activities and other sports await beach-lovers and sun-worshippers, including windsurfing, tennis, and kitesurfing. Brač is mostly about astounding beaches, so if Zlatni Rat isn’t enough to fulfill your needs, check out the bustling nightlife and shopping scene at Supetar. But if you prefer a mellow version, where you can cherish solitude and uninterrupted fishing, head over to Mirca.

Side Trip: When you visit Brač, you have arrived at the largest island in central Dalmatia. Hike up to its highest peak at Vidova Gora, and you have conquered the highest peak in Brač and of all Adriatic islands.

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