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8 Best Things To Do in Canberra at Night

Posted By AFG Team
Canberra, Australia

8 Best Things To Do in Canberra at Night
Canberra boasts a cool climate, exciting sights, and prized cuisine. Once you get to know the city, it will make you wonder why not many Americans visit Australia’s capital. While not as popular as Melbourne or Sydney, Canberra offers plenty of things to do at night. So whether you’re traveling to the city for business or leisure, you can have a taste of charming Canberran lifestyle with this handy guide.

Aubergine Restaurant
Want a taste of modern Australian fare? Start with the amazing dishes at Aubergine, a local culinary gem founded by ex-rock star Ben Willis. The restaurant’s interior design is minimalist with an essence of “less is more.” Whether you’re dining out with business associates or simply exploring the best flavors the city’s top chefs have to offer, you can admire the floor-to-ceiling windows, the charming crowd, and excellent items on the menu. Opt for their four-course meal, and finish it with a glass of locally-produced wine. Even if you have an admirably strong willpower, you will still be tempted to try all the desserts on offer. Service here is fantastic.

BentSpoke Brewing Co.
For a taste of Canberra’s cool urban vibe, visit BentSpoke Brewing Co. in Braddon. Brace yourself for a pub packed with boisterous crowds, great craft beers, and appetizing sides. Incredible beers, signature brews, and stellar customer service make this place a worthwhile stop. Richard Watkins and Tracy Margrain, the founders of this hip microbrewery and tap house have traveled around the world looking for the elements of a great brewpub. This is the result and now you have the chance to experience the Australian beer scene at its finest.

Knightsbridge Penthouse
Want to drink a cocktail instead of craft beers? Knightsbridge Penthouse is an extravagant and exquisite option for you and your beer-averse companions. Sip a glass of tequila, spiced rum, or gin martini neat or on the rocks at this funky spot where Canberrans and tourists mingle over sumptuous drinks. Check upcoming events at the bar before popping by to unwind with a glass of a top-notch spirit or cocktail while listening to soul, hip hop, or funk music playing in the background.

If you only have time to see one tourist attraction that represents the cool, reinvented Canberra, visit NewActon. Drinking and dining spaces abound, from classy to edgy. You name it, and NewActon like has it. A few promising spots to chill out solo or with a group of friends include the Black Market, Library Bar, and Parlour Wine Room. This popular hangout combines sensational tapas and your favorite glass of Spanish wine. NewActon puts together all the good stuff you want in a hangout, ensuring you won’t want to leave.

Mount Stromlo Observatory
You need not be into astronomy to appreciate the magnificent night skies at Mount Stromlo Observatory, just a quick drive from Canberra. This stargazing spot has a cafe and a visitor’s center where you can take your companions for a coffee break and light snacks. Science-inclined tourists will be thrilled to know that the Australian National University’s Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics has their base at this observatory. Also worth checking out are the historic buildings razed by the 2003 Canberra bushfires. The splendid sunset views and city views at night are not to be missed.

Telstra Tower
Canberra’s most iconic telecommunications infrastructure standing high atop of Black Mountain makes a great lookout point for Canberra visitors. As Australia’s largest telecommunications and media company, Telstra makes a bold statement with this legendary building, which provides visitors with an unrivaled peek at the beautiful cityscape at night. The tower has both outdoor and indoor viewing platforms, as well as conference rooms with breakout areas for business travelers. Meanwhile tourists can enjoy sifting through items at the souvenir shop and exploring the history of telecommunications in Australia at the Telstra Heritage Exhibition.

Lanterne Rooms (Asian, Fusion, Malaysian)
The Chef Hat special is not to be missed. Gourmet eaters come to Lanterne Rooms with empty stomachs to savor all seven dishes served throughout the night. Jeffrey Shim has skillfully handled the tricky fusion of Asian and European cuisine. The decor is as amazing as the service. Among the highlights here are the Wagyu Beef red curry, duck rolls, sweet and sour lamb, and tom yum infused prawns. The staff is highly attentive, so you are guaranteed a great dining experience while exploring Canberra at night.

Pomegranate Restaurant
If you’re staying awhile in Canberra, you will never run out of outstanding dining options like the Pomegranate Restaurant. Chef Erkin Esen dishes out Mediterranean-influenced menu that visitors and locals swoon over. You have to taste the food and feel the vibe of this wonderfully-designed restaurant to truly appreciate the place. Sample sublime Modern Australian and Persian or Mediterranean cuisine, and select scrumptious mezze platter, kingfish, and wagyu beef sirloin. Leave some room for passionfruit cheesecake, or if you are avoiding sweets, a cheese platter.

Hope this list inspires you to plan your trip to Canberra now. Enjoy fantastic vistas, gourmet dishes, and entertainment spots in Australia’s humble capital.