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7 Best Thailand Vacations for Couples

Posted By AFG Team
Thailand Elephant

Thailand is a famous destination for newlyweds looking for a great honeymoon getaway on a budget. But this is about to change as more couples seek exotic, exclusive, and one-of-a-kind travel experiences in the Land of Smiles.

Here are the top 7 vacation ideas for your next trip to Thailand. (Note: there’s a bonus tip if you read until the end.)

Relax at the tropical beaches and sanctuaries in Koh Samui
Want a fun, healthy, and life-enhancing holiday? Look no further than Thailand’s tropical beach hideaways. Stay in a resort that offers the utmost privacy, cozy accommodations, and exceptional wellness treatments, like Kamalaya. Stressed, burnt out, or simply exhausted from a long-haul flight? Head straight to the sauna after working out in the gym; get pampered by massage; and enjoy in the curative elements, such as the stunning beachside views and mountainside attractions. Since Kamalaya is surrounded by spectacular scenery, it is sometimes enough to ease one’s fatigue. Share this holistic, restorative retreat with your beloved at Koh Samui.

Go temple hopping in Chiang Rai or Bangkok.
Whether it’s a spiritual journey or an architectural tour you’re after, Thailand cities are dotted with temples, monasteries, and churches to tickle your curiosity or answer your deepest life questions. Chiang Rai boasts some of the country’s oldest and most beautiful temples. You will need a good camera to capture the intricate details of these structures. Guided tour options allow you to squeeze in as many sights and attractions as possible in a day. For instance, Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Grand Palace, and the National Museum are all achievable, depending on your energy level and the expertise of your tour guide. If you’re wondering what “Wat” means, it’s the Thai word for “temple.” Extending your trip? There are other historically significant temples and sites to explore, including Wat Ratchanadda, Wat Mahathat, and the Golden Mount.

Seek the lush greenery and ancient treasures of Chiang Mai.
Thailand is the “Land of the Free” because no country has ever conquered or colonized it. Because of this, the Thais have retained much of their history, culture, and traditions. If you come here to learn about Thailand culture, history, and heritage, then the ancient city of Chiang Mai is a good starting point. This city has seen many religious movements, historical events, and cultural activities over many centuries. It doesn’t hurt that the city is surrounded by trees, flowers, and spectacular mountain views.

Try island hopping on a private yacht.
What’s more luxurious than owning a yacht (for a few days) and sailing to the secluded islands off the coast of Phuket, Thailand? Some companies have specialized in these exclusive yacht tours, and among the most notable are the Moorings and Sunsail. They have been running charter boat trips in Thailand for years, and the demand for private yacht trips is growing. Itineraries are either set before the trip or a wonderful surprise, depending on your preference. Uninhabited islands make great sailing destinations. For the ultimate yachting experience with your significant other, go aboard one of these upscale sailing boats for a truly extraordinary Thailand vacation.

Be one with nature in a treehouse.
It’s not too late to realize a childhood dream. Try living in a treehouse for a day or two. Make it a week, if you want. The sensational views of the jungle atop a sturdy tree are enough of a payoff after the long-haul flight to Bangkok. Find this peculiar, picture-perfect accommodation perched on a tree, a lovely property managed by Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. Activities are built around the lush setting, from safari trips to helicopter tours. You will leave full of travel memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Meet and greet the marine wonders of Thailand’s private islands.
Are you both fond of marine marvels? One of the top travel trends this year is snorkeling and diving off Thailand’s private islands. Find seclusion, serenity, and utter bliss in the depths of the sea. Or soak up the sun, sand, and surreal seascape. Book a room, and schedule a diving or snorkeling activity at Nangyuan Island Dive Resort, and find sea turtles and whale sharks in most diving sites near Thailand’s gulf. Can’t get enough of diving? Head to the Phi Phi Islands or the Marine National Park for more outstanding diving experiences.

Unplug and get rejuvenating treatments at Sofitel’s Spa.
If your idea of a perfect romantic holiday involves removing distractions and getting pampered together, Bangkok’s Sofitel Spa might be what you need. Opt for a 90-minute treatment that’s inspired by ancient massage techniques unique to Thailand. Most treatments incorporate the five essential elements of nature – wood, water, fire, earth, and metals. From coconut massage to skin therapy with Jasmine rice (for scrub), there are more therapeutic treatments than you can try to calm your mind, body, and soul. Herbal compresses with oil massages are also highly recommended, especially for guests suffering from chronic fatigue. Some swear by the hotel’s Balinese massage. The physical benefits you can get out of treatments include soft supple skin, rejuvenation, and a needed reboot.

Bonus: Looking to buy high-end arts and crafts originally made in Thailand? Before you head back home, be sure to check Emporium, Gaysorn, and Siam Paragon for gift or souvenir shopping. Boutique stores and shops, such as P. Tendercool, LAMONT, and Lotus Arts de Vivre, are also available for more unique finds. A bilingual speaker is a necessary companion for hassle-free bargain hunting. You’ll be mesmerized by the splendid showrooms, so be sure to hit the shops with a list of things you’d like to buy. Schedule breaks at fabulous restaurants or food stalls to recharge your batteries and keep your spirits up for the search.