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7 Amazing Day Trips from London

Posted By AFG Team
London Towers, London

London has so many must-see attractions that it is a wonder why tourists or locals would want to get out of the city for a day trip. You can easily spend a decade exploring London’s fantastic shopping spots, restaurants, and world-renowned events, and still feel like you have not seen or done everything there is to do in this complex city.

But maybe you seek other travel experiences you won’t otherwise find in the British capital. We’ve done the legwork for you and gathered the most beautiful places you can reach from London. Consider this list as your guide.

Windsor Great Park

Just an hour by car and two hours by train from London is Windsor Great Park, an exciting year-round destination for all types of travelers. A visit to the park’s magnificent lake at Virginia Water will make you realize why it’s a favorite retreat among families. Sensational vistas, stunning gardens, rich wildlife, and significant monuments are among the park’s exquisite features. Visitors make the most of their day trip here by exploring the Valley Gardens, lounging over coffee at Virginia Water Pavilion, uncovering the stories behind the ruins of Leptis Magna, and snapping photos of pristine waters.

Botany Bay

Head east from London and you will reach the endearing coastal town of Broadstairs, which boasts the remarkable Botany Bay. The terrific, towering chalk stacks dot the bay, making it an avid photographer’s favorite stop. Families, couples, and solo travelers make a trip to this hidden gem for a bunch of reasons. Some enjoy fossil hunting, and some explore the beautiful rock pools, while many simply look for a serene place to unwind, breathe fresh air, and bask in the seaside splendor. You’ll be glad to know that this public beach received a Blue Flag Award in 2016, which is proof that the water is immaculate.

Mayfield Lavender Field

Hot and humid summers in London often drive the locals and tourists to the picturesque town of Banstead for the striking visual spectacle of Mayfield Lavender. Soak in the beautiful colors and heavenly aroma of lavender without traveling to the South of France. This is more than just a place where you can find lavender fields. It also features an intimate eatery serving lovely food and drinks, many of them with lavender infusion. The farm is at its prettiest in July and August.

Sunningdale Golf Club, Berkshire

West of London, Berkshire boasts a spectacular golf club that first opened in the 1900s. This is an idyllic setting for golfers who only have a day or two to spare to play. Considered one of the best golf playgrounds in the world with its Victorian vibe, sweeping vistas, and modern facilities, Sunningdale is a remarkable place to invite your business associates after days of back-to-back meetings in London.


Only an hour and fifty minutes away from London’s Waterloo station, Stonehenge is a dazzling side trip many London visitors take. It is not everyday that you get to take a peek at one of the world’s greatest, oldest, and most iconic stone monuments. There are plenty of ways to get your bearings when you visit this famous prehistoric site. Discover the mysteries of this ancient landscape by foot, bike, or on a  bus. Check out suggested Stonehenge itineraries, or grab an orientation leaflet to see what piques your interest.


Oenophiles won’t mind traveling an hour by train to sample award-winning wines at Denbies in Dorking. Guests may take the indoor winery tour or enjoy the outdoor tour around the breathtaking vineyard. While both options afford wine tasting and appreciation, the vineyard tour gives you a glimpse of the winemaking process, from yard to table. Raise your glass of classic or sparkling wine for a laid-back, delectable tour outside the hustle and bustle of London.

Hever Castle & Gardens

Anglophiles must take a train from London Bridge station to Kent to reach the intriguing and gorgeous Hever Castle. A castle built in 1270 initially as a defensive castle, Hever Castle was bought in 1462  by Geoffrey Boleyn, the great grandpa of Anne Boleyn, mother of Queen Elizabeth I. History buffs like to roam the castle while families enjoy a picnic on the grounds. Take your time wandering in and around the castle, and you will likely spot a secret garden. Kids will absolutely adore the water maze, so bring extra clothes and towels. Stop by any of the restaurants and cafes within the area for decadent delicacies, heavenly desserts, or wonderfully baked goodies with coffee.