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10 Must-Have iPhone Apps for International Travel

Posted By AFG Team

Are you an iPhone user? Do you travel often? If so, make sure you have these 10 free travel apps for your iPhone.

Scout is more than just a travel GPS app for iPhone users. The tool helps you locate important places, like the nearest gas stations, hotels, and restaurants, plus detailed turn-by-turn instructions for your road trip.
As an added bonus, this app helps you find the closest parking space available.

Find it hard to stay on a budget when traveling? Keep track of every dollar you spend with a nifty travel expenses app called Expensify. On a business trip and struggling to put together an expense report for your supervisor? This app is like a bookkeeper, classifying your purchases into categories based on your itinerary. The only downside to this app? You need to create an account and remember the password or you’ll get locked out.

Immortalize your best trips and fancy up your travel photos for an Instagram-worthy post. While there are many travel photography apps competing for space in your iOs-powered smartphone, Snapseed is (so far) one of the most powerful photo editors around. Correct your photos in a fun way with its flexible adjustment features and photo enhancement controls. Never share a bad travel photo again. No more hazy memories of your travels from now on.

Google Translate
Ever been lost in a foreign country because you couldn’t understand the signs? Never get lost in translation and avoid the unnecessary stress of deciphering a foreign language with the aid of Google Translate. This travel language app translates as many as 52 languages, even if you are not connected to the Internet. Can’t type the characters of another language? Take a high-quality photo of the sign, and wait for the magic of Google Translate to work.

Google Trips
Here’s another one from the search giant. Organizing information for easy use and quick access has been Google’s mission, so this ambitious free travel guide comes as no surprise. Launched officially in 2016, Trips is still in its infancy yet it shows promise. The app’s goal is to reduce your research time and consolidate all travel information you need for a headache-free trip. Available offline, users can keep and access travel reservations, to-do lists, and food and drink options, as well as practical getting-around tips for a stress-free exploration.

The last thing you want when you’re traveling is to be stuck without a WiFi connection in an unfamiliar city. That’s what WifiMapper tries to solve with its massive collection of WiFi hotspots in major cities throughout the world. Over 500 million hotspots have been mapped by this app so far. Not only does it show cafes, restaurants, and bars where you can get WiFi access, it also provides further information on the quality or strength of the connection.

The weather can be both surprising and spontaneous, but when you’re traveling, you want to get the most accurate prediction as possible. That’s what Accuweather hopes to do, making it a must-have travel weather app for iPhone users. The app’s most helpful feature is the MinuteCast, which gives you a minute-to-minute weather update. This comes in handy when you are in European cities where the weather changes often. Need to know the weather 25 days ahead? A premium upgrade can give you access to this information.

Stay in touch with family, friends, and colleagues wherever you are in the world for free. That’s the mantra of this world-famous instant messaging app. Although more modern communication tools are available now for users, chances are most of your connections will still prefer WhatsApp’s services. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, never get lonely again while globe-trotting with WhatsApp.

Business travelers and frequent fliers find this travel organizer handy and indispensable in planning their trips. Imagine an interface with everything you need, including car rental, hotels, itinerary, even restaurant reservations, just to name a few. Busy travelers will love the succinct briefings and helpful alerts provided by the app. There’s also a feature which allows you to share your trip abroad with your family, friends, and colleagues. Take control of your travel life with this powerful tool at your fingertips.

Business Insider hails it as one of the greatest apps ever launched – and rightfully so. It solves one problem so well – securing sought-after and hard-to-obtain restaurant reservations. Avoid the frustration of entering a restaurant only to be refused because there aren’t any seats available. Wonder how popular this app is? It has seated about a billion diners worldwide and counting.

How many of these essential iPhone travel apps do you have? Have we missed any trip-related apps worth downloading? Tell us in the comments below.