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10 Amazing Things To Do on Your Next Trip to Hawaii

Posted By AFG Team
Things to do in Hawaii

What are the top things to do on your Hawaii vacation? If you haven’t booked your flights to Hawaii yet, you might want to plan your romantic trip or family holiday for sometime in 2017. With the exception of the ‘Golden Week’ held during the last week of April, it’s relatively cheap to travel to Hawaii from the Easter break through mid-June, according to USA Today.

Since Hawaii became the 50th state of the US in August 1959, this tropical paradise has enticed a steady flow of tourists exploring its exotic, inescapable wonders. In 2015, the state received over 8.6 million visitors, and this number is projected to grow in the coming years.

1. Sip special Hawaiian cocktails and dance the night away.
In Oahu, there are plenty of bars and clubs for every type of traveler. Whether you’re after traditional Hawaiian cocktails, such as Mai Tai or a Hawaiian version of Cuban blend Coconut Mojito, you’ll find several spots to sample these delicious drinks while enjoying gorgeous ocean views. Stop by Formaggio, and chill out with locals and tourists drinking and dining Hawaiian style with live jazz music in the background. Visitors also love Nashville Waikiki as it’s open until the wee hours. This bar and grill recently relocated in Honolulu downtown, but the spirit of fun continues. You’ll find specialty cocktails, darts, pool, and even line-dancing crowds, who are mostly regulars.

2. Learn to catch the waves.
Intrigued yet intimidated by surfing? Surfing beginners learn the basics through the gentle waves in Waikiki or Oahu. There are plenty of surfing instructors you can hire to teach you how to ride the playful Hawaiian waves safely and confidently. Most surfing newbies are able to master the basics, like lifting oneself up, balancing on the board, and standing up, before the first coaching session ends. If you want to become a pro within a few weeks, there are advanced lessons you can sign up for. After an hour or two of trying, failing, and trying again, there’s nothing like the feeling of getting up and getting good at dancing with the waves. Be warned: it’s addictive.

3. Visit historical sites at Oahu’s Pearl Harbor.
Sought after for its landmarks of historical value and national pride, Pearl Harbor is a popular day trip when visiting Hawaii. There are plenty of package tours to choose from, including one that grants admission to all four sites: the Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor, Battleship Missouri, Arizona Memorial, and USS Bowfin. Expect long queues and extended wait times when you visit during the peak season. Bring a book or a Kindle for the wait because no trip to the state is complete without seeing these historic landmarks in Hawaii.

4. Hike up Maui’s Haleakala National Park.
Driving to the Haleakala National Park will take your breath away. The otherworldly landscape and sweeping vistas are sure to blow your mind. You won’t find a natural marvel as stunning as the seven sacred pools. Tourists are also mesmerized by the lava flows and cinder cones at Haleakalā Volcano, as well as the majesty of waterfalls and coastline from the Kīpahulu District. Come prepared and bring insect repellent, hiking boots or training shoes, weather protection (sunscreen and ponchos), as well as food and drinks.

5.Take a road trip to Hana.
A road trip along Hana Highway is listed among National Geographic’s “500 Drives of a Lifetime.” Grab a map, and check out Maui’s coastline to get a pretty good idea of why this trip is worth making. Find charming towns along the way, and soak up the colorful Maui culture and traditions, as well as other natural wonders Hawaii’s most celebrated island boasts. To design your iconic roadtrip itinerary, visit, and plan noteworthy stops, including must-see tourist attractions and off-the-beaten path spots.

6. Marvel at the West Maui Mountains.
Outdoor enthusiasts can tackle Hawaii’s pristine wilderness or lush tropical rainforests from April to October for the best weather. Whether you’re a budding botanist, licensed geologist, or an avid adventurer curious about biodiversity and non-touristy discoveries, a trip to the West Maui Mountains should be on your list. Hire an expert guide, and enrich your exploration by listening to fantastic legends and folklore surrounding the mountains.

7.Follow the lava flow at Big Island’s Volcanoes National Park.
Have you ever seen steaming volcanic craters that spew fiery red lava? If you haven’t had the chance to witness this astonishing sight up close, take a hiking excursion to three of the volcanic craters of Hawaii’s Big Island. Pray for fantastic weather, and if the odds are in your favor, you might even see an eruption happening during your visit. Don’t worry if you miss this event because other surreal sights await, from the crater floor to the glowing lava flow.

8. Experience the grandeur of the Napali Coast.
Kauai, Hawaii’s oldest island, offers emerald green waters, charming cliffs, and challenging trails that are best admired from the coast. Cruise on a catamaran equipped with facilities, such as restrooms and sun decks, to make your sailing expedition convenient and comfortable. Admire the dramatic coast from this unique vantage point. Or dive deep into the ocean to meet and greet a variety of fish species, most of them endemic in Hawaii, including the Hawaiian White Spotted Puffer, Potter’s Angelfish, and more. Brace yourself for random appearances of dolphins, sea turtles, and whales.

9. Explore Waimea Canyon.
Get luxurious accommodations at Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa, and then head out for a daring drive up the majestic ridge and rich greenery of Waimea Canyon. For the best view of the canyon’s mouth, stop by the Waimea Canyon Overlook, then take tons of amazing photos. Other highlights of this trip include the Spouting Horn, Old Koloa Town’s hidden gems, Fort Elizabeth, and the red soil and lush surrounds of Waimea Canyon. Grab some lunch or snacks along the way at local eatery Mark’s Place.

10. Savor the best of Hawaiian cuisine
If your last trip to Hawaii reminds you of pineapple coulis, mahimahi dishes, and mashed potatoes with wasabi, then you haven’t heard of the latest and hottest in Hawaiian cuisine. named a few restaurants in Honolulu as the best spots to sample and savor authentic Hawaiian flavors. As soon as your flight lands, find phenomenal breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner treats at Eating House 1849, Sushi Sho, or Koa Pancake House.

Don’t leave Hawaii without checking out the world’s largest open-air shopping mall, Ala Moana Center. According to Traveller, shopping is one of the top activities Australians do when they visit the state. With over 340 merchants, including luxury brands like Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, and Louis Vuitton, this is a grand way to start or end your Hawaii vacation. Just don’t forget to check your baggage allowance before you splurge.

A perfect Hawaii trip begins with a confirmed ticket. The minute you book your flight, you are ready to discover the state’s real allure and gather unforgettable travel experiences, one after another. When will you give Hawaii a chance?