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AlphaFlightGuru.com is a team of travel professionals and entrepreneurs with over 30 years experience in the industry.

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Today, the internet is one of the main places that business travelers search for tickets, but it has some serious drawbacks. It is a little known fact that the airline industry does not post its cheapest fares for business class and first class tickets on the web today. They reserve them for their VIP customers.

As in most business, people who know people always get the best deals. That is why we launched Alpha Flight Guru. We know that certain travel agents have special relationships with specific airlines or groups of airlines and get the best fares because of their relationship. We call them flight gurus.

Our mission is to help you get in touch with the right flight guru every time you travel to ensure you get the cheapest possible deal on business and first class tickets. We find it pays to speak the language when negotiating and our experts often speak in the native language of the airlines they deal with. Our gurus work with all the major airlines to ensure we get you the cheapest price for a business or first class flight.