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FAQS ( Ask the GURU )

We pride ourselves on customer service and love it when we get feedback. Many customers are so happy with our ability to get them the best price on their business and first class tickets that they are inspired to let us know. We look forward to wowing you and getting some really positive feedback from you too. This is what some of our customers are saying:

Dear Guru,
Do you possess magical powers that allow you to provide these amazing, exclusive deals?
Richard K. ~ Washington, DC

Dear Richard,
If you can call hard work 'magical powers,' then yes, I have magical powers. You see, it takes a lot of work to find the best deals for you. With over 100 international airlines out there, our systems have to be working round-the-clock to keep up with all the different flight combinations and changing fares. That, and personal relationships within the industry, allow me to access the best deals for you.
The Guru
David ~ Milwaukee, WI

Dear Guru,

What is an airline consolidator and how does that translate to a better price for me?

Mitch E. ~ Ann Arbor, MI
Dear Mitch,

A common question, my friend. Consolidators, such as AFG, buy seats in bulk at discounted rates. Hence, we are able to pass on the savings to our customers.

The Guru
Dear Guru,

You once told me that a flight would magically turn up, and it did. How did you know that? Do you have ESP?

Emily A. ~ Philadelphia, PA
Dear Emily,

If I had ESP I would be the wealthiest Guru at the racetrack. The reason is simple: I am fluent in Airline-Speak, the international language of all carriers. By speaking their native tongue, I have built long-term relationships that are key to getting customers like you the luxury seats they want, when they want them.

The Guru
Dear Guru,

I've accumulated a ton of reward points on my credit card that I'd like to use for a business trip. But it's so difficult to redeem them, I don't know what to do. Please help me Guru!

Artie A. ~ Chicago, IL
Dear Artie,

Deep breaths, Artie, all is well. Yes, cashing in on frequent flyer miles for travel and upgrades is more difficult than ever. Fortunately, the Guru is a specialists in this matter, and can help your business maximize the best use of your points for international business or first class travel.

The Guru

Did you know?
About 90% of flights fly with open or unsold seats.

Consolidators are firms that buy open or unsold seats from the airlines to re-sell at a discount.

The airline industry prohibits consolidators from publishing their prices online.

Airlines release 'award' seats at least 24 times a year.

Dear Guru,

Why shouldn't I just fly with the local carrier I always use? Is there really a difference between the airlines?

Lisa G., Queens, NY
Dear Lisa,

Yours is the most common mistake made by my new disciples. Listen carefully to your Guru: All airlines are not the same! Airlines are not ranked with stars like hotels, so unless you are in this business, you'd probably not know that there are carriers far better than your local one. Work with your Guru, and I could get you a flight on an airline that would provide you with a level of service and accommodation you have only seen in movies.

The Guru