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DXB has three terminals and is a major airline hub of the Middle East and is home to Emirates, FlyDubai and Emirates SkyCargo airlines. DXB has a 24-hour inter-terminal shuttle service for passengers between all three terminals.

Shopping & Restaurants

Luxury is undoubtedly the name of the game when you travel to Dubai, and the airport introduces you to the culture in delightful and delicious ways. Terminal 3, the largest terminal in the world, is dedicated exclusively high-end retail and dining. For duty-free shopping: Giorgio Armani, Montblanc and Apple Computers. For cuisine: Bistro Maison, Seafood Market and Le Lounge by Moët Chandon.


Free WiFi service, MAXSPOT, is available throughout the airport.

Currency Exchange

There are currency exchange houses, as well as local and international banks, located in all terminals. Be mindful that rates will differ from bank to bank. Inquire online or at the counter.

Ground Transportation

DXB has an extensive taxi service, bus network, Metro system, car rentals, and even waterways that can connect you from the airport to anywhere in the city. Taxis are the most commonly used option and can be recognized by their cream color.

Safety Tip: Dubai is in a Muslim city, so be conscious of public displays of affection (it’s considered offensive) and keep your attire modest.

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Dubai: Some History

When oil was discovered in 1966, Sheikh Rashid utilized the oil revenues to spur infrastructure development in Dubai. Schools, hospitals, roads, a modern telecommunications network … the pace of development was frenetic. A new port and terminal building were built at Dubai International Airport. A runway extension that could accommodate any type of aircraft was implemented. The largest man-made harbor in the world was constructed at Jebel Ali, and a free zone was created around the port.

Dubai’s formula for development was becoming evident to everyone – visionary leadership, high-quality infrastructure, an expatriate-friendly environment, zero tax on personal and corporate income and low import duties. The result was that Dubai quickly became a business and tourism hub for a region that stretches from Egypt to the Indian sub-continent and from South Africa to what are now called the CIS countries.


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