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Travel to America and Canada for fantastic vacation destinations! When you book a cheap international flight to a destination in the United States or Canada, you can expect beautiful scenery throughout the year. From the big and busy urban cities, to small towns, these two countries offer attractions, activities, and events that will definitely make your international trip worthwhile. When you want to air travel to the United States or Canada from a city in Australia like Sydney or Melbourne, or from another international destination, to an American destination like Los Angeles, or a destination in Canada like Vancouver, we can assist you in booking a cheap luxury trip, including the best flights and upscale hotels. The following is an overview of what awaits you when you air travel to America and Canada.

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Travel Guide for United States & Canada

Tourists who travel to the east coast of the United States often visit New York City, nicknamed the “Big Apple” as a synonymous reference to hitting the big time; and Washington D.C., America’s capital. Across the United States, top destinations include Las Vegas, known for its casinos and dazzling nightlife; San Francisco, famous for its Golden Gate Bridge; and Los Angeles, the “Entertainment Capital of the World.” In Canada, Toronto is the country’s largest city with over 5 million residents, and Montreal is known for its bilingual culture with over 50% French-speaking locals. Vancouver attracts many visitors for its lush landscape, adventurous spirit, and eclectic cultural scene. Book cheap luxury flights to the many exciting destinations in America and Canada! Ask our travel agents for great flight deals, such as Sydney to Los Angeles via United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, or Qantas Airways. Or Auckland, New Zealand to Vancouver via Air New Zealand and Air Canada. Many cheap air travel opportunities await!

Facts about United States and Canada

  • American currency is the US dollar (USD). Canadian currency is the Canadian dollar (CAD).
  • All major American cities and state capitals have international flights.
  • America’s population is over 320 million. Canada’s population is approximately 34 million.
  • The United States is considered the world’s most influential and most powerful country.
  • The United States consists of 50 states, plus Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital.
  • America’s territories include Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Wake Island.
  • Canada is the second largest country in the world by total area.
  • Canada’s provinces are Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Newfoundland & Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick.

Languages in United States and Canada

English is America’s official language. Most people in the Unites States speak English, but other popular languages are Spanish and French. Canada’s official languages are English and French. More than 20% of Canadians speak French as their first language, most of whom reside in Quebec.

Top Attractions in United States and Canada

When you book flights to the United States and Canada from Australia, New Zealand, or other countries worldwide, plan to spend your free time at top attractions. You will find a lot of activities that will keep you busy during your trip. Here are some popular attractions that you can visit when you travel to the United States and Canada:

  • White House – If you take cheap flights to Washington D.C., don’t miss the opportunity to visit the most famous residence in the world, the White House. Since 1800, the President of the United States has lived and worked at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Admire this American symbol from the outside, or request a free, self-guided tour well in advance of your visit.
  • Central Park – When your cheap premium flight lands in New York City, make sure Central Park is on your itinerary. Spanning more than 800 acres in Manhattan, Central Park is the world’s most well-known urban park. Visit for free from 6:00 am until 1:00 am daily. The Visitor Centers have maps and information about tours, attractions, activities, events, and dining. Ask our gurus about cheap deals on hotels overlooking Central Park.
  • Golden Gate Bridge – See the Golden Gate Bridge as your flight approaches San Francisco International Airport, then visit this famous landmark when you explore the city. Stop by the bridge’s Welcome Center for information about exhibits, tours, and hikes, as well as souvenirs. For snacks and beverages, visit the Bridge Café.
  • Las Vegas Strip – Cheap flights to Las Vegas lead to one of the most famous boulevards in the United States. The Strip offers themed hotels, lively casinos, many restaurants and shops, exciting nightlife, and family-friendly attractions. Air travel to this favorite American destination when you visit the United States.
  • Disneyland – Cheap luxury flights are even better when they’re headed to the “Happiest Place on Earth!” Book a flight to Los Angeles to visit this magical destination, featuring enchanting rides and attractions, spectacular shows, and delicious food. Meet Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, and get your own souvenir mouse ears to wear on your international return flight home!
  • CN Tower – This Canada landmark is only a cheap flight away! Pack your bags, and air travel to Toronto to see this famous skyscraper. Feeling brave? Take your courage over 100 flights up to walk across the glass floor, like you’re walking on air! Thrill seekers should also try EdgeWalk. Dine in the sky at the 360 Restaurant for revolving city views. At the tower’s base, buy an exclusive Canadian souvenir, and remember to bring it with you on your international flight back to Sydney, Los Angeles, or another destination.
  • Notre-Dame Basilica – Flights to Canada are always a good idea, especially if you want to see the symbol of Montreal in person. Basilica admission includes a short guided tour in English or French. For an hour-long, in-depth tour, visit the basilica between June and October. Don’t miss your chance to see the best Gothic Revival architecture in North America.
  • Granville Island – Air Canada is one of several airlines that offers cheap flights to Vancouver, British Columbia, where you can visit Granville Island. This popular shopping and entertainment destination includes waterfront eateries, and a large farmer’s market featuring products native to Vancouver. Plus, theaters, galleries, and unique tours. With so much to experience on Granville Island, a cheap flight to Vancouver is a must. See why locals and visitors love this top Vancouver destination!

Best Times to Visit United States and Canada

Before you book your air travel, consider the weather and the climate of your destination. Because of the excellent weather, the summer months of June, July, and August are the most popular times to visit the United States and Canada. To avoid the summer crowds and still enjoy great weather, travel to the United States and Canada in April, May, September, or October. In most American states, expect hot summers, cool winters, and mild temperatures in the spring and fall. The southern states experience humidity and random rain year-round. Our gurus can get cheap rates on flights and hotels whenever you want to travel to the United States and Canada.

Weather in United States & Canada

  • Flights to the northernmost parts of America from December to April will reach the coldest destinations, often with freezing temperatures.
  • Summer in the United States is from June to September. Flights to western states arrive at hot and dry destinations like Los Angeles, while flights to the Midwestern, southern, and eastern states land in hot and humid destinations.
  • The southern parts of Canada experience similar weather to that of the northern United States. The further north you travel, the colder the climate gets.
  • Like the northeastern United States, eastern Canada is prone to ice storms and blizzards between November and February.
  • In Canada, spring flights occur from mid-March to mid-June, summer flights are from mid-June to mid-September, fall flights take off from mid-September to mid-November, and winter flights travel mid-November to mid-March.

United States and Canada Tour Options

  • American Road Trip – Book a cheap flight to the Unites States, rent a car upon arrival, and embark on a classic American road trip! See the states from the Coast to Coast route, Florida Keys route, or the famous Route 66.
  • Grand Canyon Tour – Visit the famous Grand Canyon during your trip to America. Your cheap flight to the United States doesn’t have to be your only time in the air. Helicopter tours offer great aerial views.
  • Rocky Mountain Tour – Add train travel to your itinerary when you visit North America. This British Columbia tour offers two days of railway travel through the North Thompson, Fraser Valleys, and Rocky Mountains.
  • Best of Western Canada Tour – Hop on a flight to Vancouver as your starting point for a tour of western Canada. Tour Vancouver, Whistler, Canadian Rockies, and Okanagan Wine Country for two weeks.

Transportation in United States and Canada

  • Domestic and international air travel in the United States is reliable, with many airports, various airlines, and thousands of flights. Similarly, in Canada, people often air travel between major cities. Because Canada is a big country, all large cities have airports and regularly scheduled flights.
  • Public transportation in the United States includes taxis, buses, subways, trains, airport shuttles, and bicycles. Canada also has taxis in most cities, buses, and trains. Taxis in both countries are metered.
  • Other modes of transportation in both countries include ferries and private boats. Most islands off the coasts of the United States are linked by state-run coastal ferry services. Ferries are also common for Canada travel.

United States and Canada Travel Safety Tips

  • Avoid carrying an excessive amount of cash with you when you travel.
  • In urban American cities, you may be approached by homeless people asking for money in an aggressive way. Firmly refuse, and walk away.
  • If you take a flight to Los Angeles with the intent of going to Mexico, do so at an official border crossing to avoid any international problems.
  • Remember to stay calm and speak politely to police if you are stopped in the United States and Canada. Do not try to bribe police.
  • In case of an emergency, dial 9-1-1 at any telephone in the United States.
  • Always carry your passports, visas, or Green Cards near country borders to avoid questioning, possible fines, and detainment.
  • Natural disasters can occur within the United States, such as hurricanes, tropical storms, blizzards, earthquakes, floods, and wildfires. Check the conditions of your destination before you travel.
  • Respect personal space in the United States. If possible, leave at least an arm’s length of space between you and strangers.
  • Abide by “No Smoking” signs in America to avoid fines, dirty looks, or even arrests.
  • In the United States, the legal drinking age is 21.
  • Large cities in Canada often have parked car theft. Avoid leaving your belongings in plain sight, especially in Montreal where you can be fined for this offense.
  • In nearly all Canadian provinces, public indoor smoking has been banned.
  • Do not refer to Canadians as Americans because it can be taken as an insult.

United States and Canada Airport Tips

  • Make sure to secure and label all your belongings before arriving at the airport.
  • Prior to your flight, you usually need to take your shoes and jacket off for security checks, so it’s easier to wear slip-on shoes and one layer of clothes.
  • Prepare all your travel documents before you go to any airports in the United States and Canada for your flight.
  • Avoid wearing excessive jewelry to the airport because you might have difficulty removing your accessories for security inspection.
  • Arrive at the airport several hours before your scheduled flight time.
  • Wrap or tie a distinctive ribbon around your luggage handle to help identify it among all the others in the airport.
  • Do not leave your baggage unattended. Bags and luggage left unattended are considered dangerous, and will be confiscated by airport security.
  • Always cooperate with airport officials and security. Do not refuse airport inspections. Airport security can detain you if you make absurd comments, and then you could miss your flight.
  • Always have your passport, ID, and ticket readily available.

Best Restaurants in United States and Canada

Experience everything your destination has to offer. This includes food, of course! Delicious cuisine is always part of a great American or Canadian vacation. To make your trip a culinary success, here are some of the fantastic restaurants that feature mouthwatering flavors in remarkable locales!

Fine Dining in US & Canada

  • Eleven Madison Park, New York City – It’s worth the flight to NYC to dine at this 3 Michelin-starred Madison Avenue restaurant. The contemporary American multi-course menu emphasizes locally sourced ingredients, and it can be adapted to the meet the needs of diners with dietary restrictions. Expect flawless service in an Art Deco dining room.
  • Blue Water Café, Vancouver – Award-winning seafood and wine awaits you when your flight lands in Vancouver, British Columbia. After departing the airport, settle into one of Vancouver’s finest hotels, and then head to historic yet trendy Yaletown for innovative West Coast cuisine in a beautifully converted warehouse. Sample genuine Japanese flavors from the restaurant’s Raw Bar. Additional perks include an open kitchen and heated patio.
  • Patina, Los Angeles – Cheap premium flights to Los Angeles can lead to a luxurious American travel experience that should include a meal at Michelin-starred, award-winning Patina. Enjoy exquisite, modern French cuisine appealing to the most sophisticated palates inside The Walt Disney Concert Hall. The seasonal menus focus on local and regional fare.
  • Canoe, Toronto – This upscale Toronto restaurant takes Canadian cuisine to new heights. Located on the 54th floor of the TD Bank Tower, this Financial District hotspot offers stunning city views, a sleek interior, and a uniquely Canadian menu. Several airlines, including Air Canada, Qantas Airways, American Airlines, United Airlines, and British Airways, offer great deals on flights to Toronto, so you can travel there to taste the finest Canadian fare.
  • Eiffel Tower Restaurant, Las Vegas – As your flight approaches McCarran International Airport, look for the Paris Las Vegas replica of the Eiffel Tower. During your stay in Las Vegas, dine at the tower’s 11th floor restaurant for excellent French entrées and awe-inspiring views of the legendary Strip.
  • Benu, San Francisco – This award-winning, triple Michelin-starred restaurant is definitely worth the flight to San Francisco. Expect to be wowed by the celebrated tasting menu that features a fusion of Asian and American flavors. Limited seating available, so reserve your table as soon as you book your flight.
  • Plume, Washington, D.C. – If you air travel to Washington, D.C. to visit the White House, consider dining at this nearby, critically acclaimed restaurant. Drawing inspiration from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello gardens, the seasonal menu features American cuisine and an impressive wine list.
  • Toqué, Montreal – Since the early 1990s, this restaurant has been one of Montreal’s finest culinary achievements and a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Fresh, local ingredients are among the reasons this eatery is so special. Book cheap flights to Montreal for a taste of Canada’s best gourmet cuisine.

Mid-Range Restaurants in Canada & US

  • Mission Beach Café, San Francisco – If you travel from Sydney, Australia to San Francisco, you’ll undoubtedly want to soak up the local culture in your destination. This authentic San Francisco café offers Californian cuisine at affordable prices. Weekend brunch is a favorite among locals here.
  • Bottega Louie, Los Angeles – Since 2009, this trendy locale has wowed Los Angeles residents and visitors with a combination restaurant, gourmet market, patisserie, and café. With a New York City vibe, open kitchen, and varied menu, it attracts crowds from near and far.
  • Cookshop, New York City – The seasonal American menu with farm-fresh ingredients and reasonable prices are what draw people to this popular New York City eatery. For a taste of this delicious yet healthy American food, get great deals from top airlines for flights to New York City.
  • Italian Kitchen, Vancouver – Travel to downtown Vancouver to try this popular Italian eatery. The menu offers an exceptional variety of Italian specialties, including favorites like handmade pizzas and pastas, as well as seafood, steaks, and antipasto. Top your meal off with a selection from the well-stocked wine cellar.
  • Mon Ami Gabi, Las Vegas – At the Paris Las Vegas hotel, visit this French bistro and dine on the patio for optimal people watching. Your Las Vegas adventure should include a meal here since it’s one of the Strip’s most popular eateries. Don’t miss out on cheap flights to Las Vegas!
  • Old Ebbitt Grill, Washington, D.C. – For classic American fare near The White House, head to this iconic Victorian-style eatery. The well-known onsite Oyster Bar and extensive wine list attract food and wine enthusiasts from all over the world.
  • Holder, Montreal – This Montreal bistro serves French food to enthusiastic crowds for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Travel to Canada to see what all the fuss is about at one of the most frequented eateries in Montreal.
  • Le Paradis, Toronto – Get the best deals from airlines flying to Toronto, so you can go to this well-liked French bistro. The menu changes every day, so there’s always something new to try.

Cheap Eats in US & Canada

  • Philippe The Original, Los Angeles – Established in the early 1900s, this deli is one of the most well-known eateries in Los Angeles. It is famous for founding the French dipped sandwich. During your trip to America, see why this restaurant has attracted crowds for over a century.
  • La Belle Patate, Vancouver – This Vancouver hotspot serves traditional poutine, as well as a variety of other crowd favorites, like hotdogs.
  • Jamms Restaurant, Las Vegas – At this small, family-owned diner off the Strip, customers enjoy topnotch breakfast and lunch. Take a taxi here from Strip hotels to discover why it is known as the “Home of the Pot of Bread.”
  • Seven Lives, Toronto – Located in the well-known Kensington Market, this taqueria serves the best tacos in Toronto. Skip the airport food, and head here after your flight lands.
  • Papalote Mexican Grill, San Francisco – This is another taqueria worth trying. It is known for its mouthwatering burritos. Buy a jar of salsa, and take these delicious flavors home with you on your return flight.
  • Melt Shop, Washington, D.C. – Quick-service chain restaurant known for its grilled cheese sandwiches. This is the place to go for comfort food during your trip to America’s capital.
  • Patati Patata, Montreal – This little diner is known for its poutine, a Canadian specialty consisting of fries, cheese, and gravy. Canada travel isn’t complete without a taste of poutine.
  • Corner Bistro, New York City – Diners frequent this little West Greenwich Village bistro for its delicious yet cheap burgers and beer.

Best Luxury Hotels in United States and Canada

A memorable trip is made even better by a great place to stay! Luxury hotels throughout the United States and Canada will wow you, both in service and amenities. The following hotels are considered some of the best luxury hotels in the United States and Canada, and they certainly live up to that distinction!

  • Montage Beverly Hills, Los Angeles – Within walking distance of Rodeo Drive’s upscale shops, this luxury hotel exudes old Hollywood glamour. Socialize at the stylish Italian restaurant or swanky cocktail lounge. After relaxing by the rooftop pool, enjoy a meal at the adjacent restaurant while admiring stunning views of the city.
  • The Surrey, New York City – This famous hotel is set in a 1926 building just steps away from Central Park. Amenities include a luxurious spa, a gym with various fitness classes, and free bike rentals. Dine at the Daniel Boulud restaurant, and sip cocktails at the seasonal rooftop bar and garden.
  • Fairmont Heritage Place, Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco – Located a few miles from the Golden Gate Bridge, this luxury hotel offers 1 to 3 bedroom suites. Upgraded accommodations feature balconies and magnificent bay views, as well as private lounge access. All guests can enjoy a free continental breakfast. Business center facilities onsite.
  • Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas – After arriving at McCarran International Airport, stay at this nearby Chinese-themed hotel on the famous Las Vegas Strip. Guestrooms and suites offer vibrant city views. Dining options include 3 swanky restaurants and a posh lounge bar, as well as a traditional Chinese tearoom. Relax at the chic spa, and lounge in the poolside cabanas. This hotel also features fitness and business facilities.
  • The Fairmont Pacific Rim, Vancouver – Located near the harbor and convention center, this ritzy hotel provides 24/7 room service to all of its guests. Upgraded accommodations feature patios with fire pits and stunning harbor views. Additional perks include butler service, complimentary breakfast, afternoon tea, and private lounge access. Dine onsite at 3 restaurants, and relax at the rooftop pool and spa.
  • Park Hyatt Toronto – Attractions near this stylish Yorkville hotel include the Royal Ontario Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and the CN Tower. All guestrooms have free Wi-Fi, and upgraded accommodations offer impressive city views. Dine at the gourmet restaurant onsite, and socialize at the rooftop lounge. Other amenities include free local transportation, bike rentals, a spa, and a gym.
  • Hotel Le St-James, Montreal – Old Montreal’s finest hotel is located near the convention center in a refurbished late 1800s building. Perks include free Wi-Fi and 24/7 room service and valet service. Gourmet restaurant onsite.
  • The Jefferson, Washington, D.C. – This sophisticated hotel is within walking distance of the White House. It is considered one of the finest hotels in America, and features upscale dining, a luxe spa, and 24/7 butler service.

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