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Cheerio, London! This sophisticated city will have your heart before you even get from the airport to the hotel. As a refined city with a rich history and royal charm, London embraces a bit of pomp and circumstance while balancing its chic nightlife and edgy fashion scene. Its museums, galleries, boutiques, and world-class dining mean that you can expect an elegant holiday filled with all the best tours the city has to offer. There is a reason that London is one of Europe’s crown jewels – there is no place like it. Book cheap international flights to London from a city in the United States like New York City, or from a city in Australia like Melbourne, or from many other cities around the world. In the air, many topnotch airlines will make your air travel experience to London memorable and comfortable. When your flight lands in London, Heathrow Airport is full of shops, restaurants, and bars, as well as lounges hosted by major airlines. Don’t delay! Get cheap rates on flights to London today!

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Facts About London

  • Population: Between 12 and 14 million in Greater London.
  • Best known for: The River Thames, palaces, rich history, family fun, breathtaking churches, double-decker buses, pub food, fine dining, great shopping, and luxurious hotels.
  • Currency: Pound Sterling (GBP)
  • London is the capital city of England.
  • London is the world’s most-visited city by international travelers.
  • Big Ben is actually the bell, not the clock tower. View the bell and tower during a free day tour of the city.
  • Due to London’s geographical location, you can reach over 50 countries within a 3-hour flight time. After your London visit, take cheap international flights to more cities on your travel to-do list.
  • Greater London is so culturally diverse that many international languages are spoken there.
  • Over half of the London Underground network actually runs above ground.
  • London buses were not always red. Prior to 1907, different colored buses represented different travel routes.

Top Attractions in London

Book cheap international flights to London because one visit is never enough. Tourists flock to this super city because of the endless ways to spend each day, never repeating the same thing twice. Whether you want to tour museums, wander lush gardens, see the sights, or grab a map and be spontaneous, London is always a pleasant surprise. So, hop on a cheap international flight to London and consider adding the following attractions to your itinerary.

  • Westminster Abbey – Tour Gothic-style Westminster Abbey where the coronation of kings and queens has taken place. Every year, over a million international tourists visit this church of more than 700 years old. Take the free hour-long audio tour, offered in 10 languages. Or you can opt for the guided 90-minute tour, available in English for individuals and groups not exceeding 20 people.
  • Harrods – Taking a cheap flight to London to get your fashion fix? Well, no trip to London is complete without visiting posh department store Harrods. This retail destination has 7 floors and 330 departments full of designer clothing, upscale gifts, and trendy fashion accessories, plus 27 restaurants. It’s a shopaholic’s dream, and enough to wow even a casual shopper.
  • Piccadilly Circus – This busy crossroads in central London is similar to Times Square in New York City. When your flight arrives in London, hang out at Piccadilly Circus where you can see giant advertisements in neon lights, and enjoy London culture firsthand.
  • Buckingham Palace – It doesn’t get any more “London” than snapping a frame-worthy picture in front of Buckingham Palace, the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II. If you visit in the morning, don’t miss the Changing of the Guard ceremony. During the summer, visitors can embark on a multilingual audio tour through 19 State Rooms. Buy a Garden Tour ticket to explore the lush landscape outside.
  • National Portrait Gallery – The museum galleries of the National Portrait Gallery are filled with works by some of the most important and historic artists ever to hold a brush. Carve out at least one afternoon to see these masterpieces.
  • London Eye – A ride on the London Eye is a perfect way to take in the London scenery from the air high above the South Bank of the River Thames. This is a great London attraction for families, groups, and couples. Plan ahead and you can arrange for a glass of bubbly as you take in the best views of the city.
  • London Dungeon – Welcome yourself to the dark side as you explore the London Dungeon, which is dedicated to telling the history of London’s seedier side. Actors, special effects, and rides take you on a thrilling historical adventure full of humor and horror.
  • River Thames – After a long international flight to London, unwind on a cruise on the River Thames. Enjoy great views of famous attractions associated with this historic body of water while sipping an ale or wine. Ask your hotel concierge for cheap deals on sightseeing cruises.
  • Oxford Street – Window shoppers and fashionistas will adore Oxford Street, the busiest street in London. Located at the West End, you’ll find endless shops full of designer clothing and other high-end goods. Among the 300 stores is famous department store Selfridges. The Topshop location here is the largest clothing store in Europe. Avoid the crowds by visiting Oxford Street on a weekday morning.
  • Wimbledon – If you time your visit right, you can catch a tennis match at the iconic Wimbledon, and maybe even spot a member of the Royal Family in attendance. Book your cheap flight to London in late June or early July for this opportunity.
  • London Zoo – Cheap flights to London will give you the chance to explore the London Zoo, one of the oldest zoos in the world. If you have the little ones in tow, spend a day here for a fascinating and educational glimpse into the lives of penguins, tigers, lions, gorillas, and many more animals in residence.

Best Times to Visit London

London has distinct seasons but seldom gets the extreme hot and cold that you will experience in other parts of Europe. Showers and fog are common but it adds to the authenticity of your trip, and if you pack accordingly, it’s no problem. London locals never let a bit of damp weather interfere with their day. They have come to expect a bit of a chill as just part of life in England, and they celebrate it. Plus, brisk weather is the perfect excuse to duck into a bar or restaurant for some hearty food and a hot drink. Some would say the summer is the best time to visit, but you can have a fantastic London experience year-round, so book your cheap international flight any time!

Weather in London

  • Fall is a cool but comfy 41° – 67°F (5° – 19°C), so pack some sweaters.
  • Winters are a chilly but charming 36° – 48°F (2° – 9°C), so bring along your most stylish coat.
  • When spring is in the air, you will still want cozy clothes with temperatures at 39° – 63°F (4° -17°C).
  • Summer is when the sun shines the most, and temperatures are 52° – 73°F (11° – 23°) so light layers are the way to go.
  • Travel tip: London does have a reputation for dreary weather, but really, that is part of its charm. Invest in a compact umbrella that you can carry at all times for those surprise rain showers.

London Tour Options

  • Kate Middleton’s London – Get a guide map of Kate Middleton’s London to discover her favorite shops, restaurants, hangouts, and attractions in the city. This unique tour of London includes places like Bluebird restaurant, The Goring hotel, Kensington Palace, Madame Tussauds, Westminster Abbey, the National Portrait Gallery, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and more. If you’re fascinated by royal history, this tour is a must.
  • Kate & William’s Royal Wedding Tour of London – During this 3-hour day tour of London, your knowledgeable royal guide will show you the royal couple’s favorite hangouts, their residence in London, their favorite nightclubs, and where they shop. See where Kate worked before getting married, the shop that created her engagement ring, and the shop of her engagement dress designer. Plus, your guide will take you to Westminster Abbey where William and Kate got married, and to where they presented their newborn son to the world.
  • Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter – If you have some Harry Potter fans in your travel group, go on this tour to explore 2 soundstages and a backlot where all 8 Harry Potter films were made, including props, costumes, sets, and special effects. Digital guides, available in 9 languages, contain fascinating facts every Harry potter fan needs to know. Enjoy many other perks of this tour like exclusive souvenir guidebooks, Butterbeer, Butterbeer ice cream, Activity Passports, broomstick rides, and free Wi-Fi.
  • London Rock Legends Tour – London is home to some legendary musicians and bands. Get to know all about them during this tour for music lovers. Visit landmarks featured on album covers, recording studios, concert venues, clubs, music video locations, and more. Walk across Abbey Road like the Beatles, and hear stories about 5 decades of rock history. This is a 3.5-hour guided tour by mini-bus.
  • Literary London Walks – Tour London based on the literary history of the city. Tour options include Charles Dickens’ London, In the Footsteps of Sherlock Holmes, Shakespeare’s & Dickens’ London, and The London of Oscar Wilde. More tours in the works include Jane Austen’s London, George Orwell’s London, and London’s Literary Golden Mile. Ask your hotel concierge for details.

Transportation in London

  • Don’t rent a car at the airport to travel into the city. It will be an expensive hindrance instead of a help.
  • The best way to get into London from Heathrow Airport is to take the Piccadilly Line Metro or the Heathrow Express Train.
  • Only use a taxi if you are not going directly into London as you will rack up a serious fare that will likely make you cringe.
  • London is a walkable city, so grab a map and get moving! Streets are not very confusing and areas like Soho, Central London, and West London are easy to navigate.
  • Purchase an Oyster Card, and hop on the Tube if you need to cover some distance.
    You can also rent bicycles to see the city while you pedal.

London Travel Safety Tips

  • Don’t leave a bag unattended anywhere, especially at tourist attractions or in the Tube. This is viewed as a security threat.
    Keep your cell phone secure, or it could be swiped quickly by a bicyclist.
  • Only use registered taxis, and make sure the meter is running.
  • Licensed mini-cabs should never be hailed on the street. It is illegal for them to pick you up. They must be booked by phone or electronically.
  • If you are leaving a bar and need assistance, flag down a police officer. They will make sure you get back to your hotel safely.
  • Do not give money to strangers asking you to help their “cause” because it is likely a scam.
  • Londoners are used to tourists from all over the world, so if you are in need of information, ask locals. They are usually very friendly and helpful.

London Airport Tips

  • Take a cheap flight to Heathrow Airport, which handles about 271,000 passengers a day and almost 70 million a year, so prepare to be patient, especially during peak seasons.
  • Heathrow Airport services 80 airlines, including United Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways, Delta Air Lines, Air France, Virgin Atlantic, and many more airlines.
  • Inside Heathrow, you will get 45 minutes of free Wi-Fi, but after that, you will have to pay.
  • If you travel to Heathrow with kids, there are Stay and Play areas where the kids can climb, run, and get rid of some energy. Terminal 3 has the best variety.
  • If you want to get away from the crowds, you can purchase entry to the Plaza Premium Lounge or the Servisair Executive Lounge.
  • There are tons of food and bar options, but they are not cheap so pack some snacks.
  • There are very limited non-stop flight options from places like Sydney and Melbourne, Australia so take advantage of shower services at airports where you have a layover.
  • To get your London trip off on the right foot, make sure you have some local currency on hand for tipping and public transport to avoid another long line after your flight.

Best Restaurants in London

Did you know that London is home to over 65 Michelin-starred restaurants? While it is fun to treat yourself to a posh plate or two, there are endless mid-range and even cheap eats that will have your mouth watering. No matter what you are craving or what your budget allows, London has it all. There is no shame in spending your holiday eating and drinking your way through the city.

Fine Dining in London

  • Dinner by Heston Blumenthal – This sophisticated restaurant embraces its classic roots and its love of British ingredients. There is nothing quite like seeing UK comfort fare plated up with perfection.
  • Fera at Claridge’s – The menu is constantly evolving, depending on the freshest available seafood, meat, and vegetables, so it is never the same experience twice.
  • Fera will give you a taste of Britain in the most farm-fresh, innovative way.
  • Gymkhana – The interior has old school marble tables, leather booths, a heavy oak ceiling, and antique photos, but don’t expect a dreary experience here. Shared Indian flavored meals are bold, spicy, inventive, and authentic.
  • Harwood Arms – You might be skeptical of a pub turning out a top-notch dining experience, but as the restaurant proclaims, “This is not your average gastropub.” The chefs here have mastered the idea of rethinking bar fare and turned it up a notch. They offer pre-set two or three course meals for lunch and dinner.

Mid-Range Restaurants in London

  • Barrafina – This hotspot in Soho is not just a meal, it is theatre. Tapas-style eats are cooked right in front of you while you sit comfortably at a marble bar. The food is authentic and diverse, and it’s the perfect place to invite a few friends along.
  • Chiltern Firehouse – This is one that you will want to plan ahead for as a seat at this superstar restaurant is coveted and hard to come by. Even if you only stop by for appetizers, like the phenomenal steak tartar, the attention to detail coupled with incredible flavors will have you glad you made the trip.
  • 34 Mayfair – You are very likely to spot a celebrity here as they flock to tables at this fabulous restaurant. If you are seeking a lighter meal after all of your indulging, lovely salads and seafood are stars of the menu. Wanting something more substantial? They won’t disappoint with their steaks, desserts, and crafted cocktails.
  • The Ivy Market Grill – This cozy spot operates almost round the clock with breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and even high tea. The menu is geared towards comfort food, but the plating and presentation is still so pretty.

Cheap Eats in London

  • Blanchette – The idea of French tapas may have you scratching your head, but don’t let the concept deter you. Imagine tiny little plates serving up the best of France, perfect for sharing with friends. Plus, the cheap prices will have you trying everything on the menu.
  • Dishoom – London is known for its curry, and this place does it best with its spicy rustic Indian fare. Chefs carefully select locally sourced ingredients and plate up delicious breakfasts and a diverse all day menu. Their cocktails are also noteworthy to round out the perfect Indian experience straight from Bombay.
  • E Pellicci – When a restaurant has been around since the 1900s, they are obviously doing many things right. This place is charming and small, but they are cooking up big and bold traditional Italian fare weaved with classic English dishes. Best known for their breakfast, portions are generous, so you won’t go away hungry.
  • Flat Iron Steaks – This place has zero pretension and won’t accept a reservation. No false advertising here – they serve up seriously good steaks. They offer a few sides and sauces to compliment your meal, as well as free popcorn when you are seated.

Best Luxury Hotels in London

It’s no surprise that London is home to the UK’s most luxurious hotels. In fact, the city is just brimming with five-star options ready to cater to your every whim. Even the most seasoned of travelers will be impressed with central locations, fine restaurants, personal tours, special events for guests, and so much more. As soon as your flight lands, you will be dashing as fast as you can to a hotel that is nothing short of spectacular.

  • The May Fair Hotel – This hotel is iconic and classic, and gives you an authentic feeling of being in London. No cookie-cutter décor here. Instead, you will see lush fabrics, gold accents, velvet draperies, rich linens, and bold colors. The service is impeccable, and this hotel manages to weave a grand experience with a boutique hotel feel.
  • Claridge’s – The history of this hotel is just incredible, and it has found itself featured in many books and films over the years. It is an Art Deco masterpiece rich in service, comfort, style, and sophistication. The restaurants and bars are delightful, and they have special services for children, if you travel to London with the whole family.
  • The Kensington Hotel London – This hotel has recently reopened after a major renovation. It has won major awards for its innovation and service, and the décor is totally five-star. The property has a distinct classic glamour in a location with major museums nearby.
  • The Langham London – This hotel has impressed its guests since 1865. It is considered Europe’s first “grand hotel,” and this reputation for grandeur has not wilted over the years. You can expect a central location, impeccable service, decadent rooms, and lots of modern extras, like a swimming pool, spa, and fitness center.

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