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If you’re considering booking a cheap trip to Europe destinations, bookmark this page as your one-stop resource for Europe air travel information, including cheap premium flights on top airlines, as well as cheap luxury hotels. From the best times to visit, to getting around, to the best hotels, to fine dining, we have all the details you need to make your cheap trip a success. If you’re considering a trip to Paris or London or the many destinations in Europe, read on for information about cheap flights, airlines, and hotels throughout Europe destinations. We can find deals on the best flights via major airlines throughout the world. When you contact our travel agents, you will receive topnotch personal service as we help you plan your cheap trip, including cheap luxury flights on major airlines and cheap deals on top-rated hotels.

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Travel Guide for Europe

Book cheap flights to Europe’s most popular destinations! Get the best flight deals on flights to London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, and Frankfurt, as well as other Europe destinations, when you plan your cheap trip with Alpha Flight Guru. We find the best air travel fares for premium flights to Europe destinations on major airlines and the lowest prices on luxury hotels in Europe destinations.

Facts about Europe

  • Europe is the world’s second smallest continent.
  • Europe is allocated for political reasons more than geographical reasons.
  • Approximately 700 million people live in Europe.
  • The ten most charitable countries in the world are European.
  • Many believe that Europe was named after Europa, a Phoenician princess in Greek Mythology.
  • The smallest country in Europe is Vatican City with a population of approximately 800.
  • The largest country in Europe is Russia.
  • Bulgaria is the oldest country in Europe.

Languages in Europe

Languages vary greatly across Europe. French, Italian, and Spanish are the most widely used, as well as English and Germanic languages. In Eastern Europe destinations, Slavic languages are spoken. To the north, Scandinavian and Baltic languages are used from Iceland to European Russia. When you travel to Europe destinations on a cheap luxury flight, be sure to familiarize yourself with the essential words and phrases of the language spoken in your destination. If you immerse yourself in European culture, you can return home with new skills. After all, when in France, learn French!

Top Attractions in Europe

When you book a cheap flight to Europe, make sure to add the following must-see attractions to your itinerary, depending on your destination. You can usually get great deals on major attractions, so book your cheap air travel, and start planning your trip to Europe today!

  • Eiffel Tower – The most iconic structure in Paris and in all of France is just a cheap flight away! Snap a photo from Champ de Mars or Trocadéro Gardens before ascending the tower for the full experience. It’s always crowded, so book in advance if you can. If you visit at night, enjoy a picnic while watching the fireworks show.
  • Notre Dame Cathedral – Located in Paris, this cathedral features Gothic architecture and attracts over 13 million visitors annually. It’s the most crowded in the summer, so try visiting early in the morning or at night to avoid the midday rush. Walking through the cathedral takes less than 20 minutes. To climb the Notre-Dame tower, you have to pay admission.
  • Musée du Louvre – Booking a trip to Europe? Travel to Paris to experience the world’s most-visited museum, featuring the famous Mona Lisa painting. Other areas worth seeing are the Hall of French Sculptures, the sections on Ancient Greece and Rome, and the eighteen rooms dedicated to Ancient Egypt.
  • London Eye – When your flight lands in London, head to the South Bank of the River Thames to see this enormous Ferris wheel in person. A ride inside one of the enclosed, air-conditioned passenger capsules is approximately 30 minutes long, and it includes interactive guides in multiple languages.
  • Big Ben and Elizabeth Tower – This iconic symbol of London attracts many visitors from near and far. Elizabeth Tower is the clock tower, and Big Ben is the nickname of the 13-ton Great Bell inside. Tours of Big Ben and Elizabeth Tower are only available to UK residents. International guests can go to Parliament Square to see Elizabeth Tower and listen to Big Ben’s distinctive chimes.
  • Buckingham Palace– If you’re fascinated by the British Royal Family, be sure to visit the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II while you’re in London. The Changing of the Guard ceremony occurs outside at 11:30am daily April through July and on alternate days August through March. The palace is open to visitors during the summer months, providing an audio tour of 19 State Rooms, as well as the annual special exhibition.
  • Colosseum – Book air travel to Rome to see the city’s largest and most famous amphitheater dating back to 80 AD. Each year, thousands of visitors travel here to see the interior remains. To avoid long lines, book your tickets online in advance of your flight. Valid for 2 consecutive days, tickets also include admission to the Forum and Palatine Hill.
  • Roman Forum – Travel to Rome to see what remains of the Roman Empire’s social center. In ancient Rome, the Forum hosted elections, festivals, celebrations, rituals, and more. Today, you can take a self-guided tour of the ruins, or join a tour group.
  • Vatican City – This separate state within Rome is run by the Pope. Take a 5-hour guided tour of the Vatican Museums, The Gardens, and St. Peter’s Basilica, which includes lunch. St. Peter’s Basilica includes Michelangelo’s Pietá sculpture, and the Vatican Museums include the Sistine Chapel, spiral staircase, and Raphael Rooms.

Best Times to Visit Europe

Interested in cheap flights to Europe? Consider booking a cheap trip to Europe during the summer for the best weather. Remember to travel south for the warmest weather. During the summer, the Mediterranean has the most hours of daylight and the hottest temperatures. If you don’t mind the cold weather, book your trip to Europe during the winter.

Weather in Europe

  • Europe’s high season is from June to August. This is when the most tourists take cheap flights to Europe to enjoy the European destinations like London and Paris. Hotel prices tend to surge, but with our help, you can get low prices on luxury hotels. Also during this time, temperatures are high, and the major attractions are very crowded.
  • From April through May and September through October, the crowds lessen and prices aren’t as high in most European cities, except for Italian cities. Southern Europe’s temperatures remain high, but elsewhere the weather is comfortable. Consider booking your cheap premium flight to Europe during these months so you can explore your destinations with ease.
  • During November through March, hotels and resorts reduce their rates due to cold weather and shorter days, particularly in northern Europe destinations.
  • To decide when to air travel to Europe destinations, contact one of our travel agents for assistance in your flight search for the best flight deals on luxury flights at the best time of year.

Europe Tour Options

  • Hop-on hop-off sightseeing tours are very popular in Europe, especially in Paris, Rome, and London.
  • Paris also offers the Seine River Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Cruise.
  • Additional tours to consider include the Ancient Rome Half-Day Walking Tour, Ancient Rome and Colosseum Tour, and Best of Rome Afternoon Walking Tour.

Transportation in Europe

  • Train – The high-speed trains in Europe include the Italian Frecciarossa, the French TGV, the German ICE, the Spanish AVE, and the cross-border Eurostar and Thalys. If you book your tickets in advance, you can take advantage of cheap ticket deals. Passes for the Interrail (Europeans) and Eurail (visitors) are good to have if you’re planning to travel throughout Europe.
  • Plane – Budget airlines offer cheap travel throughout Europe. The cheapest flights are offered by low cost airlines, including Air Berlin, Germanwings, EasyJet, TUIfly, Ryanair, and Wizz Air. Book your cheap flight in advance through your travel agent. Ask your travel agent to search for the best flight deals and compare prices with major airlines, such as British Airways, Air France, KLM, or Lufthansa. Keep in mind that some low cost airlines travel to small airports near the major city instead of to the biggest airport.
  • Bus – Bus travel is good for a short trip, a spontaneous trip, or a sightseeing trip. Additionally, bus travel offers more room to transport luggage. Bus travel varies depending on the country. Be sure to check ahead and book in advance to get cheap rates to your destination. Some bus travel companies offer extensive international routes between major cities. Eurolines connects over 500 destinations throughout Europe.
  • Ship – Several large ships travel between major cities via the Baltic Sea. From the British isles, multiple lines cross the English channel to France, as well as offer service to Denmark, the Benelux, and across the Biscay to Spain. In the Mediterranean Sea, many ferries and cruise ships travel between Spain, Italy, Southern France, and the islands. Across the Italian peninsula, ferries travel the Adriatic Sea to Croatia and Greece. Also, boats travel within Europe along scenic rivers.
  • Car – Popular American car rental companies are located throughout Europe, especially at airports and train stations. If your trip involves travel between multiple countries, try Auto Europe. Many car rental agencies are closed on Sundays, except at airports and railway stations. Gas stations may also be closed on Sundays, particularly in Italy and Spain. If your credit card includes a free Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) on auto rentals, make sure to pay with that card and decline the rental agency’s CDW. Prior to travel, check the driving conditions in your destination, and check to see if you need an International Driving Permit. Expect highway speed limits to range between 75 and 80 miles per hour.
  • Bicycle – Cycling conditions vary greatly between countries and cities. The Netherlands and Denmark are the best destinations for cyclists. EuroVelo, the European cycle route network, consists of 14 routes linking nearly every country in Europe. Bike share systems are common in France and Germany.

Europe Travel Safety Tips

  • Beware of pickpockets in major destinations like Rome, Barcelona, and Paris. Avoid wearing a purse or keeping your wallet in your back pocket. Carry your valuables in a sturdy, below-the-belt security wallet.
  • Watch out for Vespas zipping through areas crowded with pedestrians, especially in Rome. Cling to your belongings as they speed by.
  • Always pay attention to your surroundings, and keep your eyes open for anything suspicious.
  • Blend in with the locals by wearing understated clothing and minimal jewelry.
  • If you’re leaving your hotel for the day or night, give your valuables to someone at your hotel’s front desk in a sealed or locked bag, and watch as they are put into your hotel’s safe.
  • Beware of someone offering you unsolicited help at the ATM. It’s probably a scam.
  • Avoid wandering around downtown at night in your destination city.

Europe Airport Tips

  • The largest air travel hubs in Europe are London (LCY, LHR, LGW, STN, LTN, SEN), Frankfurt (FRA, HHN), Paris (CDG, ORY), Madrid (MAD), and Amsterdam (AMS). These cities connect to airports everywhere in Europe.
  • The largest airlines in Europe are Lufthansa Airlines, British Airways, Air France, Turkish Airlines, Alitalia Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines, Air Berlin, and Aeroflot Russian Airlines.
  • Most European capitals and major cities have direct, long haul flights to a variety of destinations.
  • The smaller airports are best for specific connections.
  • Some airlines offer tickets for air travel and train travel. Discuss cheap travel options with your travel agent to get the best deals on flights and train tickets.
  • Europe’s airports are separated into Schengen and non-Schengen areas, basically meaning domestic flights and international flights.
  • Flights from outside Europe into a Schengen country don’t require further security checks when flights connect to another Schengen country.
  • Air travel between a Schengen country and a non-Schengen country requires additional security checks prior to flights.

Best Restaurants in Europe

From gourmet dining to fast-food, Europe offers all kinds of food options. Bring your appetite with you when you travel to Europe on cheap flights to London, England and Paris, France, as well as many other Europe destinations. Book your trip today for a taste of Europe!

Fine Dining in Europe

  • The Ledbury, London – For classy British dining at its finest, look no further than this Notting Hill restaurant. It boasts two Michelin stars and an exceptional menu with an equally outstanding wine list. Book your cheap flight to London, then book a table here.
  • Launceston Place, London – Head to South Kensington for modern British cuisine in a mid-1800s townhouse. Book your trip with us to save money on a cheap flight to London, so you can splurge on a meal at this Michelin-starred, award-winning restaurant.
  • Taillevent, Paris – With critical acclaim and two Michelin stars, it’s no wonder this is one of the finest restaurants in Paris. Foodies from around the world book flights to Paris, France to savor the exquisite French cuisine here.
  • L’Arpège, Paris – Known for the best vegetarian and vegan cuisine in France, this upscale Paris eatery is a favorite among healthy eating enthusiasts with sophisticated palates. Add this 3-Michelin-starred restaurant to your itinerary when you book a trip to Paris, France.
  • La Pergola, Rome – This upscale hotel restaurant is known for its unique, gourmet Italian cuisine and well-stocked wine cellar. With 3 Michelin stars and panoramic city views, dining at this restaurant is worth the flight to Rome.
  • Librije’s Zusje, Amsterdam – Book your stay at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel for gourmet dining at its best. The menu features modern international cuisine with ingredients locally and globally sourced. Travel to Amsterdam aboard a cheap flight for an unforgettable experience at this 2-Michelin-starred restaurant.
  • Santceloni, Madrid – Located in the luxurious Hotel Hesperia, this award-winning restaurant is known for creative cuisine, excellent personal service, and beautiful surroundings. To experience it, travel to Europe on a cheap flight to Madrid.

Mid-Range Restaurants in Europe

  • Café de Flore, Paris – This gem of a café is a Paris institution worth visiting during your trip to France. For many years, it has been a popular hangout for celebrities, as well as locals and tourists. Enjoy coffee and a croissant while people watching from the terrace.
  • Les Deux Magots, Paris – Culture enthusiasts flock to this café for its rich history with famous clientele, including writers and artists like Ernest Hemingway and Simone de Beauvoir. It’s an iconic locale serving traditional French food.
  • Barrafina, London – Look for multiple locations of this tapas bar in Central London. Try these award-winning, authentic Spanish appetizers while you’re in London.
  • Armando al Pantheon, Rome – Family owned and operated, this renowned Roman trattoria has been an influential part of Rome’s culinary scene since 1961. It’s quite popular, so book a table before your trip.
  • De Kas, Amsterdam – Travel to Amsterdam to sample the organic Mediterranean cuisine made here with fresh, local ingredients sourced from the gardens and greenhouses onsite, as well as from nearby farms.

Cheap Eats in Europe

  • Leon, London – Healthy fast-food chain offering Mediterranean meals boxed for convenience. Many locations throughout London, including two inside Heathrow airport. Hungry before your flight? Grab a bite to eat at Leon before your flight departs.
  • Poppies, London – Go to North London or East London for a taste of traditional fish-and-chips with a side of homemade mushy peas. Dine in amongst the retro memorabilia on display, or take your meal to go.
  • Bioburger, Paris – The menu here is straightforward, offering seven types of burgers, plus sides and drinks. This eatery prides itself on using all certified organic ingredients exclusively sourced from France.
  • Da Remo, Rome – What better place to eat pizza than Rome? Head to the Testaccio district to experience one of Rome’s best pizzerias. After being pampered on a cheap luxury flight, you won’t mind waiting in line here for the excellent thin-crust pizza.
  • Maoz, Amsterdam – At this vegetarian chain restaurant, the most popular menu items are the Maoz Falafel Salad Box and the Maoz Falafel Sandwich. During your trip to Europe, look for several Maoz locations throughout Amsterdam.

Best Luxury Hotels in Europe

  • Are you planning a trip to Europe? Stay in the best hotels when you travel to Europe from America, Australia, China, or elsewhere worldwide. Since you’re getting luxury accommodations on your cheap premium flight to Europe, it makes sense to continue that level of comfort when you book your stay in Europe. Ask your travel agent for deals on the following upscale hotels in Europe.
  • The Savoy, London – This London landmark hotel is located on the Northbank of the famous River Thames. Over 250 chic rooms and suites in Edwardian or Art Deco style. Restaurants onsite include Gordon Ramsay’s Savoy Grill, Kaspar’s Seafood Bar and Grill, Melba, Simpson’s-in-the-Strand and Knight’s Bar. Try authentic British afternoon tea, and socialize with friends or colleagues at American Bar or Beaufort Bar.
  • Brown’s, London – Offering the finest in British luxury accommodations since 1837, this hotel is located in London’s Mayfair area. Rooms and suites have been updated to a contemporary style. Popular onsite restaurant HIX at The Albemarle serves traditional British cuisine. Shopping and attractions are within walking distance.
  • Le Bristol Paris – Centrally located in the fashion and arts district, this upscale hotel offers excellent service and renovated accommodations. Elegant dining options include Epicure, Le Jardin Français, and Le Bar du Bristol. Book air travel to France now, and get great deals on your stay in Paris.
  • The Peninsula Paris – Just a short walk from major Paris attractions, this posh hotel offers stylish rooms and suites in a central location.
    Amenities include 4 restaurants, a bar, a pool, a spa, and a gym. Book cheap flights to Paris to experience one of the best hotels in France.
  • Rome Cavalieri – Book your stay in Rome at this relaxing retreat within the city. This luxurious property features beautiful scenery, an excellent art collection, and chic rooms and suites. Enjoy a free breakfast buffet, and book a table at one of two onsite restaurants.
  • Hotel Villa Magna, Madrid – Air travel to Madrid, and stay in the Salamanca district with views of Paseo de la Castellana. This elegant hotel offers all the amenities you expect from a 5-star property, all within walking distance of the Golden Mile shopping area. With so much to see and do nearby, booking a suite here is a must when you visit Madrid.
  • The Dylan, Amsterdam – With canal views and 5-star perks, it’s no wonder this boutique hotel is one of the best and most popular in Amsterdam. Dine at Michelin-starred Vinkeles, and ask the concierge about catered boat tours. For a memorable visit to Europe, book a cheap luxury flight to Amsterdam, and book a suite at The Dylan.

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