First Class Tickets

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The Benefits of Flying First Class

There’s no question that first class is clearly a desired place to be, especially on-board an aircraft. But many may wonder, “Is it really worth the extra cost?” We’re here to explain that first class travel IS worth the extra expense. Traveling can be a somewhat stressful experience, but not with all the advantages of a first class ticket. Whether you’re starting a vacation or heading off on a business trip, anyone can enjoy the luxurious experience that awaits when flying first class. While airlines vary on their offerings, here are some things you can expect to enjoy:

  • Stand-alone or paired, comfortable and spacious leather seats.
  • Lie-flat seats, or often, a complete separate bed.
  • Private cabin or suite, with some airlines offering their own showers, or mini bars.
  • Larger televisions, with bigger entertainment options.
  • Gourmet-style meals, some prepared by world-renowned chefs.
  • Complimentary beverages including wine, beer, champagne and cocktails.
  • More attentive service.
  • Personal plug-ins for laptops and other devices.
  • A quieter environment with less people, and a slimmer likelihood of children or babies.
  • Exclusive access to private airport lounges with many amenities.
  • First boarding and exiting the aircraft.
  • Separate, quicker check-in at the airport.

So, does it pay to be on the best seats on the plane? You bet it does! Especially, when Alpha Flight Guru can get you First Class Flights for a deeply discounted rate.