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Hong Kong is a global hub for business culture and a very popular destination for many business travelers. There are some excellent Business Class flights to Hong Kong, on preferred airlines, that Alpha Flight Guru can get you for cheap. Fly in style on airlines like Cathay Pacific, Virgin Atlantic and Emirates. The Hong Kong International Airport is the main airport in Hong Kong and home to one of the largest passenger terminal buildings in the world.

Once you’ve arrived in Hong Kong relaxed and ready for your meetings, here are a few tips to be aware of during your stay:

  • The color red is considered a lucky color in Hong Kong. Try adding a bit of that color to your wardrobe to impress your hosts.
  • The color white is often associated with death, so you may want to avoid wearing it.
  • Toasting is an integral part of the Hong Kong culture and a good way to build a relationships in Chinese business culture.
  • A handshake and a slight bow is common and will show a sign of respect.
  • Punctuality, patience and silence are important and held in high regard.
  • Bar hopping and karaoke are a popular means of evening entertainment.

  • If you’re travelling to Hong Kong for business, it’s likely you’re aware of many of these tips, but a reminder never hurts. So, if you want to be extra presentable, punctual and ready for some night time karaoke during your stay in Hong Kong, get your business class ticket with Alpha Flight Guru.

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