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The gurus at Alpha Flight Guru have years of experience focusing on finding cheap business class flights to Europe. We know customized ways to configure your flights that aren't normally available to computer algorithms. It takes a person to make phone calls and wrangle the best deal for you. We will find you a cheap business class flight to Europe. Give us a try!

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Discover Discounted Business Class to Europe

Europe encompasses both leading financial centers and countless attractions that draw an immense number of international visitors which means you aren't the only one flying to Europe, and it can get crowded.

The best way to fly to Europe, wherever your international itinerary, is in business class so you get ample personal space, amenities, and an experience. Alpha Flight Guru is a team of professionals who have the expertise and access to cheap tickets in business class to Europe. Our flight gurus deal with steep discounted airfare as well as unpublished tickets in business class to Europe that are unavailable to the general public, allowing us to find and secure international itineraries that you cannot and will not be able to secure on your own. Fill out a request form to get started. Give yourself luxury for less and expect to save on business class to Europe with our help. There are numerous direct flights to a number of locations in Europe for your convenience and comfort including:


Most people are no stranger to the significant culture of England. England has historic value as well as modern marvels. England also has one of the world's largest financial centers--London. International travelers looking for affordable business class travel should utilize Alpha Flight Guru so they can experience the entertainment and arts mixed with finance and opportunity found in England.


With one of the highest standards of living, visiting France at an affordable price is an excellent first step. Alpha Flight Guru can easily find you a business class ticket to France for less so you can truly enjoy the Eiffel Tower.


Italy plays a prominent role in European culture. Ranging from fashion to finance, Italy is definitely an international destination for plenty of people. Our team of flight gurus can help you get your ideal international itinerary to Italy for less than you would expect.


Immerse yourself in German culture and enjoy both cities and landscapes. Be sure to utilize Alpha Flight Guru's connections within the airline industry to experience luxury without the steep price tag.


With its perfect blend of diverse elements and culture it shouldn't come as a huge surprise that Spain has the second biggest tourism industry—which means flying business class is even more appealing. Rely on our skilled team to get you the tickets you want, for a reasonable price.


As the largest country in the world, Russia is easily a popular destination for international travelers. Decide to travel like royalty to Russia by taking advantage of our flight expert's talents and benefit from a cheap business class ticket.

Fill out the request form with your ideal itinerary and a flight guru will begin to search and sift through discounted tickets and utilize our access to unpublished fares to get cheap business class to Europe. At Alpha Flight Guru we never sell a full priced ticket.