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The gurus at Alpha Flight Guru have years of experience focusing on finding cheap business class flights to Europe. We know customized ways to configure your flights that aren't normally available to computer algorithms. It takes a person to make phone calls and wrangle the best deal for you. We will find you a cheap business class flight to Europe. Give us a try!

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Discover Discounted Business Class to Australia

G’day, mate! If you are looking for cheap business class flights to Australia—you’ve found them. Alpha Flight Guru knows how to find affordable tickets in business class to Australia that no one knows about.

These tickets are not advertised by the airlines because they become available within a week before the plane takes off. Our gurus know how to deal with the airline industry in order to secure incredible upper class seats on one of the longest international flights in the world. Simply give us a call or fill out our flight request form, and our agents can help you save thousands of dollars whatever your destination in Australia.

Whether you are going for business or as a tourist, we have the seats in business class to Australia you want. You can secure discounted international airfare to some of Australia's major cities including:


Sydney happens to be a melting pot of entertainment and economic interest. Businessmen and travelers alike often gravitate to this cosmopolitan for its economic climate and renowned beaches. Flying straight to Sydney is definitely something Alpha Flight Guru can handle for you.


Melbourne has a reputation for being the “cultural capital of Australia.” Ranking as the most livable city in the world, travelers should easily recognize that Melbourne is a must-see. Our flight experts have the man-power and know-how to secure comfortable flights into Melbourne.


Perth is a magnificent metropolitan. Plenty of people should find themselves in this City of Light for business or pleasure because like Melbourne, it was ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world. To pay less for luxury to Perth, contact Alpha Flight Guru.


As one of the major business hubs in Australia, Brisbane brings in a lot of international interest and intrigue. This business district and city has a lot to offer the businessman and savvy traveler. To book an affordable business class ticket to Brisbane, fill out our request form.

Regardless of your international itinerary within Australia, Alpha Flight Guru has connections in many of the major international airlines. They can always find you affordable seats in business class to Australia within a few days of your desired departure date. With a little flexibility in your schedule, you may find yourself saving up to 70% for your business class seat. Now that’s comfort—both for your flight and for your pocketbook. By getting a ticket through us, you’ll have some extra pocket change to spend when you arrive in Australia. After all, what’s the point of visiting such an exotic destination if you can’t afford to enjoy your time there?