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The gurus at Alpha Flight Guru have years of experience focusing on finding cheap business class flights to Europe. We know customized ways to configure your flights that aren't normally available to computer algorithms. It takes a person to make phone calls and wrangle the best deal for you. We will find you a cheap business class flight to Europe. Give us a try!

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Discover Discounted Business Class to Asia

Plenty of industry professionals and vacationers find themselves gravitating toward Asia because it is the largest continent in the world with a captivating culture.

Whatever your reasons for traveling business class to Asia, Alpha Flight Guru has the know-how and expertise necessary to get your cheap business class flights to Asia. With Alpha Flight Guru, you can expect discounted flights in business class to Asia with choice carriers for better comfort and better prices.Asia is home to several leading financial centers and dozens of incredible attractions laced with fun and historical significance. Marvel at the mountains and rolling landscapes scattered throughout Asia or experience the frenetic cities in countries like:


China is often characterized as a potential superpower in the world. As such, flying to China to experience the innovation and even the entertainment is a big to-do. Allow Alpha Flight Guru to find your ideal itinerary at the ideal price.


Japan is a dynamic destination because it is a major economic power and playground. Industry professionals traveling to Japan will also be packed on a plane with those headed to Disney Land. Utilize Alpha Flight Guru for a comfortable seat at a comfortable price.


Tourism and Thailand go hand-in-hand. Between the cityscapes and landscapes, savvy travelers everywhere are looking for a good deal and connection to the country. Our team has what it takes to secure you the business class flights you want to Thailand.


The vibrant culture of Korea is not the only reason vacationers choose this country. Business prospects in Korea are also a major pull for the destination. Alpha Flight Guru has the insider’s access necessary to get you to Korea for the price you want.


Singapore is bustling with business and despite its greenery it still has an urban ambiance. Because Singapore is one of the easiest places to do business, plenty of professionals should consider Alpha Flight Guru as their go-to for affordable flights.


The tropical climate alone in the Philippines is enough to lure people to this country. Enjoy your experience in the Philippines by starting off on the right foot—in the air. Get a steep discounted ticket to the Philippines by using Alpha Flight Guru.


If you are thinking of traveling to Malaysia, Alpha Flight Guru has the means necessary to find the best itinerary that accommodates your level of comfort, ease of travel, and price range. Business class tickets to Malaysia don’t always have to cost you a pretty penny.

As a popular destination, there are countless flights in business class to Asia and Alpha Flight Guru has access to tickets that are unavailable to the general public so you can get the best tickets possible. Fill out the request form today or call us directly to get your ideal itinerary. After we have your desired destination in Asia, a flight guru will contact you with potential saving options and you can pick your preferred flight. With Alpha Flight Guru, you can treat yourself to luxurious travel with the best—for less.