Business Class Tickets


The Benefits of Business Class

Whether you’re traveling a short-distance or are in for the long-haul flight, there are many advantages to traveling in business class. Comfort is usually the first perk that comes to most people’s minds… but there’s so much more to consider! For many business people, travel is a big part of their job, and also their day. The amenities that accompany a business class seat are often a big factor to a successful trip. Here are some of the additional extras a Business Class ticket holder can expect to enjoy:

  • Fully-reclining to flatbed seats
  • Better food and entertainment selection
  • Free Drinks (alcoholic included on most airlines)
  • Plug-in access for a laptop or other device
  • Less-crowded/ faster check-in
  • Better waiting areas / Airport Lounge accessibility

The benefits of business class are going to get you to your destination more relaxed, provide more time/space to prepare for meetings and avoid things like jet-lag. Alpha Flight Guru can get your business class seats for less, so contact us today!