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Gadgets Worth Getting

13 Mar

Posted By admin

Technology makes our world go round! And, it makes traveling a whole lot easier.  As frequent fliers ourselves, we like to keep abreast of the newest tech trends that further minimize the stress and frustration of constantly switching planes, trains and automobiles. Below are just a few innovations that we feel are worth mentioning!

Watch concept drawingSmartphones are amazing little gadgets that most of us simply could not function without.  Unfortunately, for those who are a bit scattered, it can be easy to lose track of the darn thing.  Furthermore, in a busy work atmosphere, it’s not always appropriate to be sneaking peeks at your phone.  However the i’m Watch makes both of these concerns null and void.  Built in Italy, these nifty gadgets keep your texts, emails, tweets and the weather right on your wrist!

Everyone knows that the number one rule of computer work is to back up your work! It only takes one hard drive crash or a single soda spill to drive home the importance of this rule. Or you can take our word for it and purchase the Cruzer Titanium Plus USB flash drive from SanDisk.  With 4 gigabytes of available space, all of your backups are also instantly generated online through Amazon.  At a minimal cost of $60 for the flash drive and six months of storage, followed by $30 per additional year of storage, this is a great way to make sure you don’t lose any of your important files!

Finally, for those of you traveling in some rather remote locales, whether for business or your own personal adventurous spirit, you might fancy having along the Lewis N. Clark Belle Hop Travel Alarm to keep you safe.  Should your hotel door be opened when it ought not be, the device emits an extremely loud high pitched noise that it sure to inform even the groggiest of neighbors that something’s not right.