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All You Need to Know for Tour de France 2014

07 Jul

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This year's 2014 Tour de France will be filled with excitement as competitors will race across the U.K., Belgium, Spain, and France for the chance to be called champion. This year will be the 101st edition of the Tour de France as 22 teams have been invited to compete.Article 2263911 16 Fe8217000005 Dc 192 634x614

Where and When

The tour will kick off in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England on July 5, 2014 and will include a stage finish in London before heading back to France. The last stage will take place on July 27 and will start in Évry and end in Paris.

The Who's Who of Tour de France 2014

The tour has invited all 18 teams in the UCI Proteam category, and all teams are obliged to compete. There has also been four UCI Continental teams that have been invited to compete in the race as well.

Chris Froome of the U.K. looks to repeat another astonishing victory after taking the Tour de France last year. Alberto Contado, Vincenzo Nibali, and Alejandro Valverde are also among the favorites to obtain overall victory this year.

It is worth noting that on the final day this year women will be competing in a race called La Course by Le Tour de France. This race coincides with the International Cycling Union's (UCI) 2014 elite women's calendar. The competition will take place on the last day of the Tour de France and will finish on Champs-Élysées a few hours before the men finish.

The Stages

There will be 21 stages in total for a grand total distance of 3656km, with two stages in England. This is the 4th Tour de France to host stages in England, and the only year to have more than 2 stages in England.

These stages have the following profiles:

9 flat stages
5 hill stages
6 mountain stages with 5 high altitude finishes
1 individual time-trial stage
2 rest days
What's Different in 2014

After taking off from the United Kingdom the 20th Grand Départ abroad, the Tour de France will also go through Belgium and Spain.

There will be 9 new stage cities this year: Leeds, Harrogate, York, Sheffield, Cambridge, Ypres, Oyonnax, Risoul, and Maubourguet Pays du Val d’Adour.

The cyclists will have covered 15.4km of cobble stone road which are also on the Queen of Classics every spring.

Where to Stay When Things Kick Off

You won't be disappointed staying anywhere along the 21 stages, but the biggest action will be had at the Leeds for the take off and Paris for the grand finish. You can stay in Yorkshire and route on your favorite team, book a place in Paris and watch the climax, or do both. One thing is for sure, once the cyclists have all done paddling and the celebrations have begun, you will have found yourself in good company in one of the most exciting competitions in the world.

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Top Spots for Celebrating Independence Day

30 Jun

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The 4th of July is not your common holiday with its afternoon parades, concerts at night, beach parties that last all day long, and the unforgettable fireworks display. Independence Day is the United States’ birthday and there is no other way to celebrate it than to be at one or more of the best spots for countrywide fun.


There are over 200 reasons why this is a great city to be in during the 4th of July celebrations. The annual Boston Harborfest offers 6 days of nonstop fun starting on the 1st of the July. The events include concerts, cruises, tours, days for kids, and a whole lot more. Chowderfest is a favorite where there are about 11,000 participants who eat at the best chowder restaurants in the Boston area.


There is nothing more patriotic than to visit the place where the United States came into being. Two of the highlights of the celebration here are the parade around the city center and a Parkway concert. The best way to enjoy the holiday is to book for a hotel nearby the national landmarks such as Independence Hall. If you do not want to miss the fireworks, stay near the Philadelphia Museum of Art.


If you are too excited and you cannot wait for the 4th of July celebrations to start, head to Chicago where the festivities start days before everyone else does. There are so many things to expect there from fun festivals to concerts to ball games and of course, the fireworks. It is a good idea to stay nearby the Navy Pier because this is exactly where the most elaborate display of fireworks takes place along with patriotic music.

Washington DCVfiles19915

You already have some places on your list, but do not forget about Washington DC which is the capital of the country. Expect to witness a huge number of spectacular events including the Capital Fourth which begins with a parade. This is followed by the National Symphony Orchestra’s performance along with many famous musicians and celebrities. Once again, you will see fireworks at the end of the celebration.

New York City

If you are planning to celebrate the 4th of July with your special someone, the city of New York is a great pick. There is a fireworks show over the Hudson River, but that is not all. You can have a romantic evening on a cruise while you have your dinner with your loved one as you two watch the colorful fireworks display. There are beautiful views around the city and you can even go to the building’s rooftops for an even more romantic setting.

4067 F Tl Qq Mount Rushmore Fireworks MdMount Rushmore

Meanwhile, if you want a place that commemorates the nation’s history, Mount Rushmore may be the answer for you. This is a tribute to the history of America and is a national monument for the 4th of July celebrations. There are more tourist spots in the area, but you should not miss the lavish fireworks extravaganza that you can only see here in one of the best man-made wonders of the world.

Las Vegas

Vegas is already known for its shows and events, so it is not a surprise that this should be on your list of places to visit on Independence Day. There are fireworks here, but most people come to the city to enjoy pool parties and the nightclubs.

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Montreux Jazz Festival

23 Jun

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09bd236c17680e5b8bb4884e8d48841eThis year marks the 48th year of the The Montreux Jazz Festival, and it promises to be as exciting and intense a musical experience as previous years. With a host of new and veteran performers taking the stage, this once again the pinnacle event in a summer filled with excellent music festivals.

History of the Montreux Jazz Festival

The Montreux Jazz Festival began in the 1960s by local composers, musicians and promoters, with some help from record label managers. At that time, the festival showcased the top Jazz musicians of the era including Miles Davis and Ella Fitzgerald. Held at the Montreux Casino, it was a three-day event.

As the 1970s. approached the festival still had a large audience. The decision was made to include other forms of music. The largest and most influential bands of that time (and this time) appeared at the festival. Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd along with Deep Purple, Frank Kappa and pop-artist Prince all have made appearances at the festival.Famous guitarist B.B. King and Eric Clapton have both played the festival. Along with legends like Bo Diddley, Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea.

Currently, the festival is not solely Jazz but open to nearly every form of music on the planet. From indie rock to piano composition, to folk music. It's storied past is the stuff of music legend, with a spirit that is open to diversity in culture and rhythm. Today, that tradition continues.

This Year's Headliners and ArtistsCd92d049e672e1bcc9ed88922e9c590d

A range of musicians from Jazz to alternative indie rockers take to the stage this year. Staring on July 4th, you will be treated to the musical magic of Jack Savoretti and Amy MacDonald, in the Stravinski Auditorium. Or, enjoy the vocals of Norma Jean Martine, and the music of Ayo at the Montreal Jazz Club. In the Jazz Lab, featured artists Olafur Arnalds and Agnes Obel take to the stage.

The festival will host perhaps the widest range of talents in the music industry including cutting edge indie-folk performers like Agnes Obel. Her sonorous voice and melodic songs will woo even the hardest-edged listeners.

Even electronic music performers will grab the stage. Toy, a London-based band grabbing many album-of-the-year rankings will be at this year's Montreux Jazz Festival.

Katana will also perform his electronic and beats music at the festival. His world-conquering beats have taken the dance scene by storm all across the world. He's even headlined tours all over Europe. A bridge between the world of electronic and hip-hop, he's unifying sounds and rhythms across the globe.

If that's still not your style, you will find top, pure hip-hop and rap performers taking the stage. There's also house music. MK unleashes his House style beats, and Brown S drops their electronic beats on the floor.

Legendary Performers and Legends in the Making at Montreux Jazz Festival 2014

At such a legendary festival you expect to see legendary acts. This year is no disappointment. Alongside cutting edge rock bands like Fat White Family--the youngest rock band in the world, and the probably the most outrageous, you'll find established musicians plying their craft honed by decades of experience.

This includes the legendary Buddy Guy, the Chicago-based blues guitarist classified as a true virtuoso. Immerse yourself in another American-based form of soul music... deep southern blues and rock 'n roll with the Tedesschi Trucks Band. Both take the stage in the Stravinski Auditorium on Sunday, July 6.

1c05230037f88696382db64064459227There's more diverse performances in the Montreaux Jazz Festival than any other music festival this year. If you love all kinds of music, then reserve your tickets today.

Haro Wine Festival!

14 Jun

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Wine PouringFor travelers who love the idea of an exciting wine battle which involves thousands of people getting soaked in red wine as well as soaking other people around them, then it is a great idea to head out to Spain in the summer to attend the Haro Wine Festival. The festival is located in the scenic town of Haro which is in the La Rioja region of Northern Spain. Known as the day of the patron saint San Pedro (Saint Peters Feast Day), people from all over the country flock to this area to take part in the celebration on June 27-29.

The event actually starts the day before in the afternoon and many people come dressed for the occasion to have wine with friends and enjoy delicious food. Wine fighting commonly occurs at this time as well. It is common during this time to visit the Herradura which is a set of streets that are filled with bars that form of horseshoe shape. People usually enjoy the good party atmosphere until 1:30 AM where visitors can head to the Plaza San Martin to celebrate an authentic music battle while playing a traditional horseshoe volleyball game that is full of excitement.

The party continues until seven in the morning where people begin to organize themselves to climb up a mountain to Plaza De La Paz. The Battle of the Wine officially begins after a mass is celebrated in the Chapel of San Felices de Bilibio. The tradition is to bring all kinds of tools that can get other people wet such as buckets, water guns, or brushes. After just a short period of time, everyone's clothes will change from white to purple after getting soaked with wine and the world seems to turn completely pink. Around noon, crowds begin to descend into town where the party continues with more music, dancing, food, and fun. During this time, many people also go to the Plaza de Toros where young people test their courage by running with the vaquillas (little cows).

Several wineries from the two major industrial areas in the town, Entrecarreteras and Fuente Ciega, participate in the event since there are all located nearby. They provide water trucks which are filled with wine so that he can be distributed to people using buckets, water pistols, mounted spraying devices, buckets, or anything else that comes to the imagination. The festival is actually a huge benefit to local wineries since many people get to taste the wine and promote each company's brand.

Getting tickets for the event is quite easy. There are several websites online like Alpha Flight Guru that offer event tickets for not only Spanish festivals, but all types of events that are happening around the country year-round. Tickets can easily be booked online well in advance from a reputable travel or tour company. Many companies offer a complete package which can include Barcelona flights, transportation to and from Barcelona, sleeping accommodations, meals, entrance to party events, experienced guides, and much more.

There are several hotels in the area which caters to tourists especially for this event. There are several hotels in the area ranging from four-star to backpacker pensions. The city offers hotels that can accommodate anyone's budget. There are also sites available for those who prefer camping and sleeping outdoors during the event since this is also quite popular with visitors.

Colour Fight 2Besides the wine fight, there are several other local events occurring in the area. Travelers with children can rest assured that their young ones can have fun at the event as well. There are also several local restaurants and other attractions related to history, art, culture, and sport that should not be missed. Travelers who want an authentic Spanish festival experience and a thrilling time that they will never forget should head to the Haro Wine Festival this summer.

FIFA World Cup 2014

09 Jun

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2238772 Full LndOne of the most anticipated sporting events by fans from all over the world is the FIFA World Cup 2014. Scheduled to take place in 12 cities across Brazil from June 12 to July 13, 64 matches will take place in redeveloped for new stadiums. Defending champion Spain along with longtime returners England, Germany, Italy, Argentina, and Uruguay, among others will surely create excitement for their adoring fans.

Fuleco, the official mascot of the FIFA World Cup 2014 is a “tutu-bola” or an armadillo that rolls up into a ball to defend itself from predators. The official song for the event is “We Are One (Ole Ola) by Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, and Claudia Leitte. There is a lot at stake since the winning team takes home $35 million with an additional $70 million going to domestic clubs for all participants. In addition, the competition will be fierce as old rivalries clash to seek victory. Catching a flight to Brazil to watch these awesome matches is a plan that many people are preparing for now.

Events will take place in the following cities:

-Rio de Janeiro


-Sao Paulo


-Belo Horizonte

-Porto Alegre







Games are scheduled to kick off on June 12 in Sao Paolo with Match 1 – Brazil vs. Croatia. You can expect that this game will be incredible to watch as thousands of hometown fans cheer on Brazil to victory. Teams will play in Group competition with 16 rounds while the winners advance to the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and final match in Rio de Janiero on July 13.

Before the games begin, you can expect to find several local activities in any of the host cities. There is so much to explore and amazing adventures and experiences can happen while enjoying the games at the same time. Host city Sao Paolo, the birthplace of Brazilian football is gearing up for the opening ceremony showcasing the beauty and diversity of Brazil. Fans in Rio de Janeiro play football on Ipanema Beach while anticipating the match between Brazil and Spain which will take place in their city on June 29. Explore the flora- and fauna-rich region of Pantanal while in nearby Cuiaba. This host city recently built a new eco-friendly stadium named “O Verdao” (The Big Green) which is hosting a variety of events with local clubs and shows included.

No matter which host city fans wish to travel to, there are several types of hotel accommodations for everyone. It is important to pay attention to the booking policy for any hotel that supports the FIFA World Cup. Some hotels have a minimum booking policy is currently two nights for the majority of the matches. You can easily find accommodations for any host city by using a reliable travel website or you can visit the FIFA official website for more information.

For flights to Brazil, hotel accommodations, and tickets to games, it is easy to plan your trip and have everything packaged as a tour to get the best deals on flights and hotels. In addition, these deals often come with additional perks so that you can experience the unique culture and extraordinary natural beauty that you can only find in Brazil. When selecting a hotel, is a good idea to choose one that is close to the stadium. Some hotels that are several kilometers away from the stadium may offer lower prices. However, you do not want to be stuck in traffic and miss all the action. If you are within walking distance and just a few kilometers away from the stadium, then you can avoid unexpected surprises.

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2014 US Open - Golf and Glory!

05 Jun

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Us Open Golf Odds 2014 1024x469This year's U.S. Open will feature more than just great golf; it will be historic. This is the first time in USGA history that Pinehurst No.2 will host both the U.S. Open and the U.S. Women's Open Championships on June 12-15 and June 19-22, respectively.

The Format

The championship will consist of 73 hole stroke play, and the field will cut to low 60 scores on the completion of the 36 holes. There will be an eighteen hole playoff on Monday for the U.S. Open if there are any player ties after the 72 holes. If the playoffs end up in a tie, play will continue in a hole-by-hole showdown until a champion is crowned.

Course No. 2

Course No. 2 has been chosen as the championship hole. This unique green blends the course style of Scotland with the North Carolina Sandhills. The green features Turtleback greens that demand pinpoint placement to avoid wiregrass rough and runoff. There are also narrow, winding fairways which make birdies rare. Pinehurst No. 2 also has a very challenging length at 7,485 yards which is accented by its unprecedented natural beauty.

The Golfers

The US Open will feature some of golf's biggest names, including Rory McIlroy, Adam Scott, Tiger Woods, and many others. All of them will have the hopes of nabbing the championship and bragging rights of being considered the world's best golfer.

Things to do other than Golf

Fayetteville is a very family-friendly town with tons of attractions. You can visit the famed Poe house, the historical home of the dark and mysterious American Poet Edgar Allen Poe and his wife Josephine. You can also take a journey the Historical 82nd Airborne Division War Memorial Museum.
If you are looking for another sporting activity, you can try Airborne lanes for some bowling and family fun. Battle your loved ones for the perfect 300 score!

If you are more of an outdoors type, then you will have to visit Arnette Park. A favorite among joggers, this park has several picturesque spots that overlook the serene Cape Fear River. Don't be scared by the name, it is very tranquil and beautiful. Onlookers often can spot wildlife such as white tail deer, red foxes, plenty of squirrels and other critters.

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2014 French Open

23 May

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17The 2014 French Open will be the second Grand Slam tournament this year, and will feature the biggest names in tennis. It will run from May 25 to June 8 and is the only Grand Slam that still takes place on a clay court. It’s also considered one of the most challenging tournaments, due to the slow playing surface and the five-set format which includes no tie-break.

The 2014 French Open is synonymous to the name of Roland Garros, which is the stadium where the tournament takes place. The stadium gets its name from the famous French Aviator, who was the first person in the world to complete a successful solo flight across the Mediterranean.

The Tennis Courts

The complex was built in 1928 by Porte d'Auteuil in Paris. The stadium's initial purpose was to defend and host the Davis Cup which the French won over the United States the previous year. At the time it was a state-of-the-art stadium, complete with limestone and crushed red-brick combination surface for the courts. This combination eliminated drainage issues that are usually associated with clay surface courts.
Tournament Format and Participants
There are five main events: Men's and Woman's singles, Men's and Women's doubles, four junior events, four Wheelchair players' matches, and three events for tennis legends (professionals that are over 35).

Things to See and Do (other than watching Tennis)

Children's Day at the French Open

Formally known as Benny Berthet Day, this event first started in 1977 to help raise money and awareness for charities. This also allows fans to watch their favorite players play in one-set matches ahead of scheduled play. It is a type of dress rehearsal for participants and raises money for a good cause.

Entertainment Zone

This is tons of family fun which features the "RG Lab" and is a chance for visitors to look into the future. This is a fun-filled activity located straight across from the National Coaching Center, with a variety of activities and events throughout the day.

Museum at the French Open

The FFT museum is open to the public from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET. There are always featured exhibits for visitors to experience, and the museum is a must-see for anyone who visits Paris, but especially during the French Open.


Where else but in Paris? The attractions are almost limitless: the Eiffel Tower, the Sacré-Coeur if, the Arc de Triomphe (not the one in Las Vegas); the Versailles Palace, the Notre Dame Cathedral, and so much more. Paris is a world-renowned destination with limitless possibilities.


If you are looking for a party, then you have come to the right place. Paris is bursting at the seams with bars and cafés, and you never know who you might meet. The French clubs are open all night and stay full well into the morning. You can brush shoulders with models and celebrities at the Champs-Élysées, or keep things low key at Canal St-Martin.

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