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Glossary of
Air Travel

  • AC Power

    If your seat is furnished with a power outlet, it will probably be 110V AC with a semi-universal receptacle. This means you'll be able to plug in your laptop, cell-phone recharging cord, or other electronic device without any trouble. If in doubt, ask your flight attendant.

  • AVOD

    Stands for "Audio and Video on Demand." An onboard personal entertainment system that allows you to select audio and video programing including television and movies. Unlike previous systems, AVOD allows you to start and pause your chosen programming at your convenience.

  • Bassinet Location

    Many air travelers with infants are unaware that airlines, often on longer routes, will provide upon prior request, seating with a bassinet location. These are often located at the bulkhead areas of an aircraft.

  • Bulkhead

    A wall or barrier which separates sections of an aircraft such as the wall between premium classes and economy class.

  • Business Class

    A premium fare class sometimes positioned between economy and first class. On many long-haul international flights, business class has replaced first class altogether. Amenities often include enhanced food and beverage service, enhanced entertainment options, power ports and work space, reclining and fully flat seats and additional seat width and seat pitch. Business class travelers may also enjoy expedited check-ins and use of premium airport lounge facilities.

  • Closet

    Passenger aircraft are often equipped with a small closet, usually toward the front of the plane where odd-shaped and hanging items can be stowed. It is sometimes reserved for premium classes, but may be available to economy passengers upon request.

  • Crew Rest

    A seating area designated for members of the flight crew generally only utilized on longer flights.

  • DC Power

    If your seat is equipped with DC power (which is the type of power outlet found in cars), you may need a special adapter to connect your electronic devices.

  • Domestic Flight

    A flight that travels within the same country.

  • Exit Door

    As opposed to the main door where you enter and exit the plane, exit doors are full-sized doors usually located in the middle and rear of an aircraft and reserved for emergencies. They are equipped with an inflatable slide which causes the bulge in the door which can intrude slightly into the seating area.

  • Exit Row

    The row of seats located at an exit door. Some passengers report that the air temperature is cooler in this row because of the door, but others prefer the exit row because it has a few extra inches of legroom and the ability of the seats directly in front of the exit row to recline is restricted. Passengers seated in the exit row are usually required to be able-bodied in case it becomes necessary to deploy the exit doors in an emergency.

  • FA

    Initials for "flight attendant."

  • FEBO

    "Front even, back odd", the practice sometimes followed by American Airlines flight attendants of serving from front to back on even numbered flights and back to front on odd numbered flights. Meant to insure that one end of the flight isn't always getting first choice of meals.

  • Flat Bed Seat

    Seats sometimes available in first and business classes that recline to a fully flat position. Considered the most among the most indulgent of premium class features. Not to be confused with "lie-flat" seats which maintain a slight angle when fully reclined, fully flat seats are more conducive to sleep because they allow the passenger to lie on one side, or even on his/her stomach if that sort of thing wouldn't embarrass him/her.

  • Foot Cutout

    Passengers who have sat behind the bulkhead of an aircraft are aware of how uncomfortable it can be to not be able to stretch out their feet. Conveniently, some bulkheads have a space cutout near the floor to give a few more inches of legroom.

  • International flight

    A flight between two or more countries.

  • Jump Seat

    The special fold-down seats the flight attendants use during takeoffs and landings.

  • Legrest

    Often found only on planes that travel internationally, this is a device that allows for one's legs to be supported and extended. It is rarely found in coach or economy, and more typically in business or first class.

  • Lie-Flat Seat

    Despite the name, lie-flat seats do not lay fully flat. Fully reclined they maintain a slight angle. Combined with a legrest this can be a very relaxing and comfortable position, but does not allow the passenger to turn on one side which is the preferred sleep position of many. For this, look for the "flat bed seat."

  • Lufthansa Deutsche

    Lufthansa is the flag carrier airline of Germany. It is also Europe's largest carrier in terms of passengers. Its main hub is at Frankfurt Airport where the majority of its flight crews and staff are based. Lufthansa business class is positioned between first class and economy on most long haul flights, but is the only premium fare on most domestic European flights. Lufthansa first class is available on most long haul flights.

  • Lumbar Support

    Lower back support. Sometime this can be adjusted in first and business class seats.

  • Misaligned Window

    In a perfect world, seats and windows on a plane would all be perfectly aligned.

  • Missing Window

    Outside seats are always advertised as "window seats," but there are a few locations where wiring or ventilation ducts means "no window."

  • Non-Stop

    A flight which (hopefully) does not stop while on route to its destination.

  • Op-Up

    "Operational Upgrade," or free upgrade which occurs when the economy section is overbooked, but there are seats available in premium classes. It happens and it sometimes pays to be nice at the ticket counter.

  • Overhead Bin

    The overhead storage compartments in the cabin.

  • Overhead TV

    Monitors suspended from above throughout the cabin which allow multiple passengers to view at once.

  • Personal TV

    A small monitor embedded directly in front of your seat which allows you to make an individual choice of entertainment options.

  • Pilot Rest

    A first or business class seat that is set aside on some long flights for pilots to rest. Feel free to alert a member of the cabin crew if you see more than one or two on-duty pilots resting there.

  • Recliner Seat

    A premium seat, but one which does not recline as far as a "lie-flat" or "flat bed" seats.

  • Reconfirm 

    To double check a reservation.

  • Record Locator

     A unique number assigned to every reservation. No two reservations will ever have the same record locator number unless you are under the age of 18 months and sitting in your mother's lap.

  • Red-Eye Flight

    An overnight flight that arrives at its destination in the morning leaving you with a rumpled suit, messy hair and red-eyes for that important meeting.

  • Reissue 

    When a new ticket has to be issued because of change of date or destination. When initiated by the passenger, this usually involves a fee or penalty.

  • Round Trip

    A trip from one location to another and then back again although the route, connections and stops may vary.

  • Saturday Night Stay

    A hoop an airline may require passengers to jump through in order to receive a discounted fare. Actually, this presumably relieves the log jams that can occur when business travelers tend to migrate to popular destinations during the early part of the week and return home at the end of the week.

  • Scheduled Carrier

    An airline which operates on a published schedule.

  • Seat Pitch

    Sometimes mistakenly defined as the distance between seats, seat pitch is the distance between one point on a seat and the same point on a seat directly in front, or directly behind it.

  • Seat Width

    The width of a seat not including armrests.

  • Service Cart

    The thing that prevents you from getting to the bathroom when the flight attendants are serving meals or beverages.

  • Standard Seat

    Nothing special about it, although it usually can recline just enough to irritate the passenger directly behind you who is trying to maximize his 12 inches of legroom.

  • Star Alliance

    The first and the largest in the world alliance between airlines essentially expands the reach of member airlines by facilitating seamless connections between airlines on one fare. The alliance currently consists of 27 member airlines. A passenger can purchase one fare and access nearly 1200 airports in 181 countries.

  • Through Passenger

    A passenger who will not disembark at any stop until the final destination of a flight.

  • Travel Directory

    Free online catalog of relevant and useful web sites. Free submit a site to Travel web directory and link exchange.

  • Tray Table

    Most airline seats are equipped with a small table that is folds up from an armrest, or down from a seat in front of you.

  • United Airlines

    Chicago, IL based airline is among the world's largest with more than 48,000 employees and nearly 400 aircraft. Hubs include Chicago O'Hare(ORD), Denver (DEN), Los Angeles (LAX), Narita (NRT) in Tokyo, Washington Dulles (IAD) and San Francisco (SFO). As of 2011, United Airlines First Class was the only domestic fare to offer lie-flat seating on flights between New York (JFK) and Los Angeles (LAX).

  • Unrestricted Fare 

    An airline ticket that has no advance purchase requirement, no restrictions in terms of dates or Saturday stays and is refundable.

  • Upper Deck

    A feature of the Boeing 747-400 and Airbus A380 aircraft is an upper deck or second story with passenger seating. Accessible by a staircase in the main cabin, the upper deck usually has business class and first class seats.

  • Window Exit 

    An emergency exit sometimes located over the wing. Seats adjacent to it enjoy additional legroom, but sometimes do not enjoy less ability to recline and less seat padding.


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